Halloween Horror

(4.7 stars; 58 reviews)

Scary old radio shows that will send shivers up your spine.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



BlackCat 25:54
Broomstick 28:54
Carmilla 29:45
Castle 25:56
Circle of Evil 43:17
Lodger 28:57
TheDoll 23:04
Witches Almanac 44:36


What it should be

(5 stars)

They don't do it like this anymore

Halloween Horror

(5 stars)

It is so wonderfully kind of these people to bring these ole radio show to us, well, some of us. Some of them yes, are probably skipping audios although I have not run into any I could not listen to all the way through. But I do know for the most part, and I listen and watch a lot of these they are wonderful and well kept. I will say for those of us that started listening for whatever reason whether it's because we remember listening to them, remembering Mom and Pop listening to them, or they caught our attention for some reason, maybe it reminded us of when we were little. we appreciate you. Thank you

halloween fun

(5 stars)

love listening to these. a great break from listening to favorite authors and novels. Peter Lorre in the lodger is fantastic. his voicenhad a brilliantly creepy feeling (probably why he did hammer horror films!) all good fun


(5 stars)

Its great listening to shows that make you think or have to use your imagination. Thank you so very much for providing me with such fun memories

the BEST entertainment

(5 stars)

hearing stories read by enthusiastic people filled with order and suspense is a perfect escape to immerse yourself in pure sublime entertainment!! A+

Something Missing

(0 stars)

I'm sure these would have been nice to listen to, But if there was sound


(5 stars)

love this book It gives me ghe spookes

thank you i like it well robert grubaugh­čśü

(4.5 stars)