Hard Boiled Old Time Radio Private Eyes

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Good stuff from Librivox

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I heard about this book earlier this year...referenced in another old book I read. So delightful to have these works in audio! Reading to yourself is great, being read to better though if you happen to have injuries that make it difficult to hold a book and to keep your eyes open to read. There is simply nothing better than audiobooks for shut-ins. No real reader to annoy the indisposed. NO mass appeal best sellers getting in the way and tempting us to lower our standards and find out what the hell the hungertwilightgame is. I hope I never find out. with new works out on lv every day I don't have to! I just wish more lonely bored, widowed, sick people I know would try audiobooks. I can buy them books and players but can't make them try them out. For some reason a lot of folks think its more work to read audiobooks. They could benefit so much...sigh just like the lonely widows and widowers who won't get a pet and stay in homes like tombs alone because thru don't want the pain of losing them . er I know

old time radio

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