Hopalong Cassidy - OTR

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deals. The Mutual Broadcasting System began broadcasting a radio version of Hopalong Cassidy, with Andy Clyde as the sidekick, in January 1950; at the end of September, the show moved to CBS Radio, where it ran into 1952.[1] Also in 1950, Hopalong Cassidy was featured on the first lunch box to bear an image, causing sales for Aladdin Industries to jump from 50,000 units sold the previous year to 600,000 units sold. Hopalong Cassidy also appeared on the cover of national magazines, such as Look, Life and Time. In stores, there was a line of Hopalong Cassidy children's dinnerware, as well as Hopalong Cassidy roller skates, Hopalong Cassidy soap, Hopalong Cassidy wristwatches, and Hopalong Cassidy jackknives.[2] There was also a new demand for Hopalong Cassidy features in movie theaters, and Boyd licensed reissue distributor Film Classics to make new film prints and advertising accessories.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Audition Program 28:45
The Rainmaker of Eagle Mountain 29:30
Coltsville Terror 0:22
The Mystery of Skull Valley 28:34
Renegades of the San Rafael 27:53
The Phantom Bandito 27:40
Murder on the Trail 28:27
Hoppy Takes a Chance 28:57
The Voice of the Dead 28:15
Ten Strike Gold 27:56
The Red Rock Mesa 27:06
The Empty Saddle 26:56
The Failure 26:05
The Bandits of Ridge Creek 26:05
The Killers of Sandy Gulch 25:59
The Red Death 26:09
The Coyote's Creed 26:17
Bullets for Ballots 25:45
The Green River Payoff 25:56
The Man Who Made Willy Whirl 25:54
Range War 26:01
The Letter From the Grave 26:03
Death Paints a Picture 26:10
Border of Nowhere 12:06
The Border of Nowhere 26:10
The Medicine Man 26:01
The Flying Outlaw 26:03
The Sundown Kid 26:14
Hoppy Sees Red 29:21
Hoppy and the School Marm 25:19
The King of Cinnabar 26:23
The Shell Game 19:33
Blood Money 25:45
The Disappearing Deputy 27:38
The Whistling Ghosts 24:51
An Old Spanish Custom 30:42
An Old Spanish Custom 30:52
The Secret of Martin Doon 24:46
Four to Go 30:55
The Red Terror 31:28
Hoppy and the Iron Horse 30:00
Gunsmoke Rides the Stagecoach Trail 30:21
Tinker's Dam 30:41
Hoppy Pays a Debt 27:16
Hoppy Turns on the Heat 26:37
Death Runs Dry 30:42
Melody of Murder 30:20
The King of Spades 29:11
Hoppy Takes the Bull by the Horns 50:58
Dead or Alive 29:55
The Mystery At Three Oaks 30:11
The Plague of Parson's Folly 30:10
The Golden Lure 30:21
The Case of the Last Word 26:03
Bad Medicine At Rimrock 26:45
The Frightened Town 25:31
The Killer in Black 24:55
Coming Attraction, Murder 25:50
Wet Beef and Dry Bones 25:40
The Black Grass Fever 24:14
The Cold Country 26:17
The Buckshot Badman 25:58
The Boss of Vinegar Bend 24:18
The Land of the Gunhawks 26:02
The Devil's Drum 26:52
Hoppy Elects a Sheriff 26:29
Peril At Pier Nineteen 27:01
Death Crosses the River 26:58
Stagecoach West 23:00
The Unwilling Outlaw 26:13
The Kidnapper's Trail 26:45
The Bandit of Blackton Bend 26:18
Hook, Line and Murder 26:38
The Phantom Panther 26:09
Hoppy Plays a Hunch 27:23
A Jailer Named Satan 26:33
The Man in the Yellow Mask 26:32
Run, Sheep, Run 27:44
Hoppy Meets His Match 27:32
Apaches Don't Need Guns 27:12
A Shot in the Dark 27:37
The Gunhawk Convention 26:25
The Gunfighter in Short Pants 27:59
The Songbird of Santa Fe 27:08
Bayou Drums Mean Death 24:36
Clean-Up of Caribou Mesa 27:07
Six Little Men Who Wore Green 25:06
Junior Badman 27:43
The Devil and El Diablo 26:25
The Lawyer of Laredo 54:16
The Secret in the Hill 53:55
The Memory of Mace Melot 26:49
The Spider Woman 54:54
The Killers of Lion Canyon 27:18
The Westrels of Juarez 53:55
Gambler's Luck 27:13
Danger Wears Two Faces 26:11
California or Bust 25:38
Death Comes Invited 23:03
The Bull Fight 25:57
The Women of Windy Ridge 31:08
Right Rope, Wrong Neck 25:49
Stampede At Semole's Crossing 26:00
Cowtown Trouble Shooters 25:52
The Santa Claus Rustlers 27:05


Too many "Error Loading" problems!

(2 stars)

Apparently, once these Hopalong Cassidy shows were posted, the poster never has bothered to come back to see that things are still running smoothly. I love the shows, but hate it that I can't even get to hear them, or they stop in the middle, due to "Error Loading." Fortunately, I've heard ALL of these shows in the past, when this problem wasn't occurring. It's just that I like to hear them again.

Use to work

(2 stars)

Iv listened to all of these multiple times love hoppy but now 80 percent of them say error when I try to listen to them please fix im on a Samsung s8

Simple but well presented

(4 stars)

Roundups and rustlers with good sound. The bad guys lose and the good guys win. The musical songs are very period western. Think Sons of the Pioneers

Good Show

(5 stars)

I really found this show held my interest. Still good today. II hope to listen to it all the way through. TY for the upload.

Hollywood Cheese

(0.5 stars)

Uneven and almost always poorly constructed scripts. No amount of sentimentality can overcome the impact of these cheap and sloppy story’s.

(4 stars)

It’s a great series full of adventure and fun. But, it is a little bad written.

Good series

(4 stars)

Great audio quality, fine selection---highly recommended