Jeff Regan Private Investigator

(4.7 stars; 33 reviews)

Old Time radio Programs, Jeff Regan P I

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Very Cool Show !

(5 stars)

I always liked the "Jeff Reagan" Series much better than the "Johnny Madero", or "Pat Novak For Hire" shows. Webb worked best in "Regan" because he always had "The Lion" as his boss...and somebody to gripe about ! The writing was crisp, clean, and, timely. Webb did the narration for his character, and it was "Flim Noir" for Radio. Example: "She fell onto the floorboard of the car. I tried to shake her, but she didn't shake. She was dead !" In addition, the supporting cast was first-rate. Webb was always excellent at whatever roles he undertook, and "Jeff Reagan" was truly one of THE BEST. If you haven't listened yet, do yourself a favor and hear the ENTIRE package of shows available here...I think then that you'll understand my enthusiasm for this Series. Jonnie King

The best of Jack Webb

(5 stars)

Jeff Regan is, hands down, the best thing Webb ever did, He is great and the plots are well done, Pat Novak, is a close second, however i dont find the plots as well written....

I love Jack Webb great actor.

(5 stars)