Mathew Slade Private Investigator

(4.3 stars; 38 reviews)

A collection of detective shows that aired on AFRS, apparently under the name of Starlight Mystery Theater in the 1949 time frame.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Mat Slade 1964

(3 stars)

Write-up at says it's from Pacifica Players, Berkeley, Ca. 1964. I'll give these a chance, but the format seems a bit tired unless, like the interesting Candy Matson 10 ep series, it has a new twist on an old formula. Excuse me now while I go "chase some skirts". Wait up there, doll!

No nonsense "gun-happy, skirt-happy gum-shoe".

(5 stars)

Great stuff! Pity there aren’t more episodes. Can’t find any real info, just websites parroting the same lines. Sounds vintage 40s. However, in one episode Slade remembers 'crossing the lines' in the Korean war, so it is a 60s production.

Deffo a 60's show

(4 stars)

The show is deffo from the 1960's, as the laser wasn't invented till 1960? but mentioned in episode 1...however a great reproduction of the 1940's /1950's style of radio


(5 stars)

I thought that the contents was well done and the sound effects more detailed than usual. The dialogue was clear and interesting "cases". I enjoyed listening.

fair series, not on par with Johnny Dollar

(3 stars)

Still one of the greatest apps without equal

The Definitive Mathew Slade Private Investigator

(0 stars),+Private+Investigator

Wrong time period

(0 stars)

This show is from around 1964.