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Mindwebs-761001 AWalkInTheDark 28:00
Mindwebs-761008 InTheImagicon 24:58
Mindwebs-761015 Allegory 28:23
Mindwebs-761119 MothRace 28:07
Mindwebs-761126 TheRun 24:51
Mindwebs-761231 Absalome 28:51
Mindwebs-770128_ToSeeTheInvisi 29:37
Mindwebs-770204_TheUnRemembere 29:45
Mindwebs-770211_ThisIsTheStar_ 28:49
Mindwebs-770304_WinterHousekee 28:32
Mindwebs-770311_ThePainGod 28:05
Mindwebs-770617_RepentHarlequi 32:32
Mindwebs-770624_TheSquirrelCag 32:29
Mindwebs-770701_AChildIsCrying 31:49
Mindwebs-770715_FogHorn 25:12
Mindwebs-770722_Descending 28:39
Mindwebs-770729_TheDayOfTheBut 29:19
Mindwebs-770805_PetrifiedFores 30:05
Mindwebs-770812_CarcinomaAngel 27:32
Mindwebs-770902_PromisesToKeep 23:50
Mindwebs-770909_TheHallOfMachi 27:57
Mindwebs-770926_HarrisonBerege 31:00
Mindwebs-770930_Kaliedescope 24:42
Mindwebs-771007_TheNightOfTheN 24:44
Mindwebs-771014_TheWeaponANDTh 26:10
Mindwebs-771021_RollerBallMurd 26:58
Mindwebs-771028_HappilyEverAft 25:48
Mindwebs-771104_TheWordANDStai 27:24
Mindwebs-771111_ThatOnlyAMothe 24:25
Mindwebs-771118_TheSwimmer 28:32
Mindwebs-771125_IKillMyself 21:15
Mindwebs-771202_ThePlaceOfTheG 29:54
Mindwebs-771209_TheBrinkOfInfi 30:23
Mindwebs-771216_ADreamAtNoonDa 30:53
Mindwebs-771223_AfterTheMythsW 27:17
Mindwebs-780106_TheRulesOfTheR 27:29
Mindwebs-780113_TheWinner 24:07
Mindwebs-780127_TheVeldt 29:10
Mindwebs-780203_TheEnourmousRa 27:49
Mindwebs-780210_ApartmentHunti 27:34
Mindwebs-780217_TheRace 28:57
Mindwebs-780224_ComputorsDontA 24:17
Mindwebs-780303_PaxtonsWorld 27:42
Mindwebs-780310_NoneBeforeMe 30:18
Mindwebs-780317_PondWater 29:26
Mindwebs-780324_TheEel 28:21
Mindwebs-780331 HandsOfTheMan 29:42
Mindwebs-780407 SummertimeOnIcarus 27:25
Mindwebs-780414 ParadiseRegained 26:07
Mindwebs-780421 PowerOfTheSentence 27:46
Mindwebs-780428 ATasteOfDostiefsky 30:18
Mindwebs-780505 TheEternalMachine 28:13
Mindwebs-780512 Webster 27:55
Mindwebs-780519 BeachheadInUtopia 26:34
Mindwebs-780526 TreasureHunt 30:20
Mindwebs-780602 TheSoundMachine 30:07
Mindwebs-780619 Subjectivity 28:08
Mindwebs-780623 TheSnake TheFly 30:01
Mindwebs-780630 TheUnfinished 28:36
Mindwebs-780707 ToTheDarkStar 29:52
Mindwebs-780721_RunningAround_ 25:33
Mindwebs-780728_TheSkyWasFullO 28:28
Mindwebs-780804_They 30:24
Mindwebs-780818_TheExhibition 24:53
Mindwebs-780825_GardenOfTime 26:24
Mindwebs-780901_TheMaze 29:42
Mindwebs-780909_Test_TheNineBi 27:55
Mindwebs-780915_TheMeeting 30:13
Mindwebs-780922_SingularitiesM 26:15
Mindwebs-780929_TheWorm 28:06
Mindwebs-781006_CountryOfTheKi 29:12
Mindwebs-781013_TheEndOfTheWor 29:29
Mindwebs-781020_TheDevilCar 29:12
Mindwebs-781027_DoingLennon 29:08
Mindwebs-781117_InTheAbyss 30:07
Mindwebs-781124_AdamAndNoEvil 27:51
Mindwebs-781201_TheTankAndItsW 29:02
Mindwebs-781208_TheManWhoRetur 29:35
Mindwebs-781215_ANightInElfHil 28:55
Mindwebs-781229_TheValleyOfEch 28:01
Mindwebs-790107_TheTop 26:30
Mindwebs-790114_GameForMotelRo 23:00
Mindwebs-790120_DontLookNow 29:04
Mindwebs-790121_MyObjectiveAll 25:18
The Sentinal 28:04
Mindwebs-790204_TheCage 28:34
Mindwebs-790211_RememberanceTo 25:10
Mindwebs-790218_Phoenix 28:09
Mindwebs-790225 SaucerOfLoneliness 27:09
Mindwebs-790304 Rebel-FromTimeAndSpace 26:38
Mindwebs-790318 GreatSlowKings-EarthmenBearingGifts 28:45
Mindwebs-790325 OverTheLine 26:36
Mindwebs-790401 PortablePhongraph 27:38
Mindwebs-790408 AffairWithAGreenMonkey 25:50
Mindwebs-790415 HelenOLoy 29:05
Mindwebs-790422 NatureBoy 24:42
Mindwebs-790513 TheHellBoundTrain 26:56
Mindwebs-790520 WeepNoMoreCalledTheLady 25:18
Mindwebs-790527 OrAllTheSeasWithOysters 24:45
Mindwebs-790603 LightOfOtherDays 24:17
Mindwebs-790610 WastedOnTheYoung 29:19
Mindwebs-790617 EvergreenLibrary 28:57
Mindwebs-790624 Imposter 30:25
Mindwebs-790708 TheMetalMan 30:01
Mindwebs-790805 Knock 29:43
Mindwebs-790812 KellermansEyePiece 24:03
Mindwebs-790819 TheLastGhost 19:39
Mindwebs-790826 TheMachineInShaft10 30:16
Mindwebs-790902 Apple 27:58
Mindwebs-790909 RestrictedArea 29:08
Mindwebs-790916 LookHomewardSpaceman 29:12
Mindwebs-801227 Nackels 21:01
Mindwebs-810103 YoungGirlAtAnOpenHalfDoor 28:02
Mindwebs-811128 TheLanguageOfLove 29:02
Mindwebs-820218 Desertion 28:35
Mindwebs-820313 LetterToThePhoenix 27:36
Mindwebs-820804 TheGunWithoutABang 21:33
Mindwebs-821113 EnPassantDreamworld 30:29
Mindwebs-821127 TheBibleAfterApocolypse 27:58
Mindwebs-830124 TwentyFourLettersFromUndertheEarth 29:27
Mindwebs-830212 AnInfinityOfLoving 27:03
Mindwebs-830226 SwordGame 29:52
Mindwebs-830305 TheEnd 30:04
Mindwebs-830319 EuremasDream 27:29
Mindwebs-830326 AvailableOnTheWarpReaction 12:35
Mindwebs-830402 GasMask 24:13
Mindwebs-830409 TheShowMustGoOn 23:18
Mindwebs-830416 BeyondTheWallOfSleep 26:44
Mindwebs-xxxx Crisis 26:44
Mindwebs-xxxx TheBuilder 27:03
Mindwebs-xxxx TheLiberators 30:20
Mindwebs-xxxx TheNightHeCried 19:54
Mindwebs-xxxx TheVerticalLadder 26:31
Mindwebs-xxxx WhatReallyCausedTheEnergyCrisis 26:04
Mindwebs-xxxx WhenItChanged 27:08


Great show!

(5 stars)

Very happy to see these episodes being shared in such high quality. Even happier to hear that Mr. Hanson's new performances are just as entertaining as his old ones. Does anyone have a comprehensive list of episodes? Just a simple list of titles. I want to make sure I don't miss any of them. A few comments on the episodes I've listened to so far: Light Of Other Days: I had never heard of this story before. It's beautiful. Kaleidoscope: Very good episode. I love the dramatized Suspense version as well. The Country Of The Kind: I'm not even a fan of this story but the reading was so well done that I still liked this episode. My Object All Sublime: Never read this one before. Nice twist. I picked up a collection of the author's short stories after listening to this episode. The Star: A classic story. Looking forward to hearing a HQ version. Earthmen Bearing Gifts: Again it's the performance that makes this slight story so memorable. The Last Question: Very good. One of my favorite Asimov stories. Feeding Time: Brilliant choice for the closing song! Made me laugh out loud. Nackles: The argument that Santa is a god is surprisingly convincing, I must admit. I had a chuckle at the description of Nackles' version of reindeer. Wasted On The Young is good. I knew the main character would come to a bad end, but I didn't anticipate just how bad. The Fog Horn. Excellent reading. I'm not too crazy about the music selections here though. I think some background sea sounds would have added some atmosphere. My dad really enjoyed this one. Dry Spell & The Third Level: I liked both stories. I thought the background music in Dry Spell was a little bit intrusive, but that may have been intentional given the nature of the story. Third Level reminded me of the Twilight Zone's nostalgic episodes like A Stop at Willoughby. Warning Signs: Very good reading. Good musical accompaniment too. Rust: The saddest story you will ever read featuring giant killer robots. It's like Wall-E mixed with the Terminator. Great reading. The Gun Without A Bang: Not every story needs to be a morality tale or feature pointed satire. This is is just a fun adventure story. It would have made a good episode of Escape. I also liked Sheckley's Petrified Forest. But As a Soldier for His Country: I caught this on Youtube a while back. Great stuff. The author expanded this story into a full length novel, but I think the shorter version is stronger. I don't understand either of the J.G. Ballard stories. Recommendations for fans of Mindwebs: Escape Pod: A science fiction short story podcast with a sizeable library. I would LOVE to see Mr. Hanson lend his talents to this podcast for an episode as a way to promote his own program. The Black Mass: Not science fiction but a quality OTR broadcast that features some very nice readings of classic horror stories. Thanks again for making and sharing this fantastic program!

One of the Best Series

(5 stars)

**************** *** UPDATE **** **************** A newer, higher-quality, version of this series has been posted by Darkman with 153 episodes! https://archive.org/details/MindWebs_201410 =================== Michael Hanson has a wonderful voice and he does a superb job reading these stories. This series provides a minimalist approach with often just Mr. Hanson, and occasionally a few other actors, reading the script. Rather than rely on sound effects, most episodes use music and character voices to shape the mood. A wide range of sound quality with some of the best episodes, unfortunately, the hardest to understand (e.g., "When It Changed", "The Night He Cried", and "Foghorn"). Several of the titles/authors listed below are inaccurate or incomplete. You can see a complete listing, along with plot summaries and reviews at: http://www.otrplotspot.com/mindWebs.html

OTR scifi for adults by real writers

(5 stars)

There really isnt much adult oriented scifi in otr. While most shows seem to have relied on terrible house writers, this showcases real authors and real stories from the 50s to 70s- and what a great narrator. interesting music no annoying sound effects no commercials excellent sound quality.

Keep the files up

(5 stars)

So now darkmanwi wants you to take these down after he pirated your and <a href="https://archive.org/details/Mindwebs_965" rel="nofollow">solarkite's</a> files to build his first collection and never asked or thanked either one of you? And now calls them " terrible work". That's rich. Insane, but rich. What a crass individual.

Pretty horrible encoding, broken MP3 files

(2 stars)

Some of the files are broken. There's a more complete version without errors here: https://archive.org/details/MindWebs_201410

History Lesson

(0 stars)

The encodes posted here first made their way online (for sale) through Bobby’s OTR site where you can still find them: http://bobbysotr.com/DETAIL_MINDWEBS.html Who created all the encodes, let alone who is responsible for the actual recordings will likely never be known and could involve several people. It is great that these encodes were posted here in the Archive as they never should be for sale and it is indeed these fan bootlegs of the show that not only helped keep the memory of MINDWEBS alive for years, but also introduced new people to it. No one is arguing that these encodes didn’t have their time and place and no one is slighting the contributors who posted them. But be honest here, these encodes and the recordings sound horrible. They are terrible and have always been terrible. It is actually more of a testament to the quality of the show and Michael’s talent that so many people were willing to deal with the audio issues to hear it. If they sounded good, you would not find all the other MINDWEBS pages here in the Archive that are “remixes” of these encodes. In fact, it was hearing these poor quality encodes that began my personal mission to find better sounding recordings starting with the 30 episodes I personally recorded off the air. To say I “pirated” any collection here is laughable especially coming from someone who sunk to the level of attempting to create FAKE MINDWEBS episodes (using a fake account!) to lie about the source of their collection. https://archive.org/details/mindweb_201511 Another lie is that I was the one asking that this, and all other MINDWEBS pages in the Archive, take down their audio. That request came from the series creator Michael Hanson. The very same Michael Hanson who left his only tapes to me to publicly release his show on what WAS my MINDWEBS page and that condition was part of the deal we had in that transfer. He wanted people to experience his creation, not as some horrible sounding low bit rate MP3, but in it’s full stereo, high fidelity sound and the ability to get it directly from HIM. Should I have refused his request to pull my encodes down like everyone else so the show never would have been released? Explain how this is bad or un-fair of Michael because I thought it was a good deal? Michael was looking to have help from others in promoting his efforts and thought he would get support from those who posted these pages. I only carried out his wishes and he rewarded my respect of him. I am crass? No, just telling the truth, and the historical record backs me up. The new encodes created are approved by Michael Hanson for use and broadcast by anyone else (as long as that use is not for profit). That is the whole point of it. How Michael wanted his creation represented and how he chose to give it away. These were Michael’s wishes and I am carrying them out to the best of my abilities as it is his personal right as creator of the show to make those decisions. Anyone reading this can help Michael now too by promoting his show and his web page. This is about Michael Hanson and his creation, not me. The ONLY officially authorized collection of MINDWEBS by Michael Hanson is, and always will be here: https://archive.org/details/MindWebs_201410 Michael was my real friend and if you respect him, his creation and what he did, you will help promote his web page in the Archive and not only enjoy, but share a bit of the love he gave as he wanted. Does anyone really think it is worth disrespecting Michael Hanson’s wishes and memory by keeping this copy of “Absalom” up? Does anyone seriously find this version better than Michael’s copy?

Thank you.

(5 stars)

I listened to your files for years and am grateful you put them up. So once again the DarkmanWi Troll is going around the Archives posting negative, derogatory, homophobic comments on any page that shares any MindWebs episodes. Somehow, he's gotten it into his obsessed mind that he controls the show and 'officially' has rights and control over the show. It sounds good, but the thing is these shows are still 'officially' protected under copyright laws. They are just not being enforced. He uses words like 'non-profit' in attempts to make it appear that he has no vested interest in them. But in fact, he is employed (gets his paycheck) from the very station that is broadcasting them. He has also posted them on the very 'pure profit' Youtube site. He claims to respect the show. But his profane rants have polluted many pages that have been up on the Archives for years. Long before he had ever posted anything. His first upload included almost all of the files that were already up. They were carbon copies which the audio png images proved. Then, after posting other peoples files, he profanely demanded that they take theirs down! He has disgraced his page and many others on the Archive. He has posted miles of updates in an attempt to bury his profanity filled rants where nobody will see them. But if you want to see them, scroll down through the comments on his page to see his words others have re-posted.

Still sad about the recent news...

(5 stars)

...but I'm happy to hear that Mindwebs will continue. Some random thoughts: - I really enjoyed hearing Fredric Brown's "The Answer" in the recent three part episode. It reminds me of that famous story by Isaac Asimov, but it turns out that this one actually preceded it by a couple of years. - Damaged or not, I'm looking forward to hearing "The Star." It's a classic for a reason. - In a previous comment I expressed the opinion that the music was a bit too intrusive in the episode "Dry Spell." Well, after listening to it again with a better set of speakers I have to take that back; the sound is fine. My worn out old ears, on the other hand... - After hearing "The Gun Without a Bang" and "The Petrified World" I have recently gone on a huge Robert Sheckley bender. Turns out he wrote a ton of entertaining short stories. Thank you Mr. Hanson for introducing Mr. Sheckley to me. - I'm also happy to hear that "But As a Soldier to His Country" is coming up. It's kind of obscure but it's awesome. And finally - thanks for sharing the tribute episode. I'll try to give it a listen tomight.