MindWebs - Beyond the Wall of Sleep

(3.9 stars; 25 reviews)

An excellent reading of H. P. Lovecraft's short story, Beyond the Wall of Sleep.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



New MindWebs Release

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So once again the DarkmanWi Troll is going around the Archives posting negative, derogatory, homophobic comments on any page that shares any MindWebs episodes. Somehow, he's gotten it into his obsessed mind that he controls the show and 'officially' has rights and control over the show. It sounds good, but the thing is these shows are still 'officially' protected under copyright laws. They are just not being enforced. He uses words like 'non-profit' in attempts to make it appear that he has no vested interest in them. But in fact, he is employed (gets his paycheck) from the very station that is broadcasting them. He has also posted them on the very 'pure profit' Youtube site. He claims to respect the show. But his profane rants have polluted many pages that have been up on the Archives for years. Long before he had ever posted anything. His first upload included almost all of the files that were already up. They were carbon copies which the audio png images proved. Then, after posting other peoples files, he profanely demanded that they take theirs down! He has disgraced his page and many others on the Archive. He has posted miles of ***updates*** in an attempt to bury his profanity filled rants where nobody will see them. But if you want to see them, scroll down through these comments to see his words others have re-posted.


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Correction Bleustar; only one page is uploading every episode from original tapes that are used for the premiers on WMSE as well as the new episodes created and that is Michael Hanson’s personal page: https://archive.org/details/MindWebs_201410 To be clear, MindWebs is no friend of Michael Hanson and has NOTHING to do with MINDWEBS the show or WMSE. They are simply about self promotion and pushing degraded audio of source material as their own. The shameful post below is proof of the disrespect they have always shown Michael and his attempt to publicly release his show. The above link is and always will be the definitive version of MINDWEBS as it is the master lossless encodes created from Michael Hanson’s personal show copies.


(1 stars)

This recording is too fast! The pages with multiple episodes are much better. Two pages are currently (2018) uploading every episode from the original tapes after re-broadcasting them on radio.


(1 stars)

Play back speed is One quarter faster than the original speed. Very disappointed. Mind webs should not be edited in any shape or form.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep

(4 stars)

Not part of the Cathulu mythos but a great story just the same. Well read. Great background effects (music?).

(5 stars)

Awesome, I love H. P. Lovecraft