Mr. Moto

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The complete collection of available episodes for the old-time radio series "Mr. Moto". Lost Episodes: #10 - The Wheel of Life #11 - The Yellow Robe or the Lama's Amah #12 - The Voronzoff Necklace #13 - Waltzing Matilda #14 - The Beauty and the Avenger #15 - The Shen Tsung Fan #16 - The Three Numbers #17 - The Unhappy Firebug #18 - The Blue Cigarettes #19 - The Kants of Kailuaneohe

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Inscrutable Series

(4 stars)

I've just started enjoying the various Mr. Moto series. This radio series seems to take the character from the films but uses the intrigue of the books. Moto acts a little more like Charlie Chan with his wise proverbs, but the stories are drastically different. In the above files, "The Dead Land" is a duplicate of "The Kuriloff Papers." Can anyone explain why the East Coast version of the "Baziloff "Papers" is so different than the West Coast "Kuriloff Papers?" The names of some characters were changed, a character is in the West Coast version that isn't in the East, and the East is generally more violent and involved that the West. Were there two versions of every episode? Are the ones in this set from one coast or both? Really enjoying this.


(4 stars)

So this is how white America saw Asian Americans. I've been listening to OTR since college and I think it paints a truer portrayal of its zeitgeist than any other surviving medium. It's an entertaining show, but no Buddha-head I've ever known talked like that.

So very very nice

(5 stars)

At last to be able to listen to the adventures of Mister I. A. Moto as heard by radio listeners!

mr moto

(1 stars)

Like all the Charlie Chan's but this one I find to be really bad