NBCs Radio City Playhouse 28 Eps

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(28 Episodes) "NBCs Radio City Playhouse" Radio City Playhouse was one of the last of a long series of premium Drama productions NBC offered as flagship, sustaining productions over the years. As with it's previous premium dramatic and Classic music productions, NBC spared no apparent expense to mount these flagship efforts. And it shows. NBC, yet again, brings the greatest voice talent, writing, and technical direction to this anthology of wonderful, popular modern dramas. NBC's previous dramatic sustaining productions consisted of either the pure Classics, or Modern Stage Plays from the 19th and 20th Centuries. This series of three seasons tended to feature a delightful mix of both contemporary original radio plays and classic dramas, backed by the very finest voice talent on contract with NBC. But Director Harry Junkin also introduced several new talents into the mix, which made for a wonderful combination of both tried and true productions with just enough orginal dramas and writers to keep the series both timely and timeless. As was the hallmark of all of NBC's corporate sustaining productions, the staff, music, sound engineering and voice talent were absolutely top-drawer from top to bottom and beginning to end. Even the newcomers the series showcased during its three seasons were remarkably talented young finds in their own right. This is yet another in a long, distinguished line of absolutely impeccable NBC-sustained productions, and its historic cultural contribution to The Golden Age of Radio merits inclusion in any serious Radio Collector's active holdings--active as in, the ones they actually listen to from time to time. * Source: Digital Deli Too OTR * def gp ddh

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Are Dates Available?

(5 stars)

I've listened to the first two presentations and both are excellent. Does anyone know the dates the Playhouse was on the air? I was a little disappointed the description did not provide that information. Glad to have the Playhouse available for listening, just the same.

Theme is SHANGRI-LA! Composed by Roy Shield

(5 stars)

The astounding Dr. Roy Shield, who have us the Our Gang comedy music and a great many compositions and arrangements is credited with the theme of this program series. It is the melody Shangri-La, which is attributed to Matty Malneck and Robert Maxwell. So, did Shield actually write this song after all?

It never gets old

(5 stars)

I enjoy this several times a year and have created great memories with my children on the 40 car trips to and from the beach

Very, very good

(5 stars)

Great series, love the mission statement in the intro to episode one. Check it out. Thanks for the upload and info!!

Great Stories

(5 stars)

Wow! The first episode had me at the edge of my seat almost instantly and I was hooked. Great stories!

Great Stuff šŸ˜ƒ

(5 stars)

A Wonderful collection Well worth a listen