Nick Carter, Master Detective

(4.5 stars; 48 reviews)

Lon Clark starred as Nick Carter, Master Detective for 12 years (1943-55) over the Mutual Network. This set is vetted to eliminate the various errors in Carter sets on the Internet and is believed to contain all available episodes of Nick Carter.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Nick Carter 430706 013 The Echo of Death 29:24
Murder in the Crypt 29:08
The Glass Coffin 59:08
Nick Carter 431004 026 Flying Duck Murders 27:00
State's Prison Evidence 59:27
Nick Carter 431025 029 An Angle on Murder 29:15
Nick Carter 431103 030 Body on the Slab 29:30
Nick Carter, Master Detective_43-11-10_(031)_Drug Ring Murder 29:12
Nick Carter 431117 033 Substitute Bride 29:29
Nick Carter 431225 037 Nick Carters Christmas Adventure 29:36
Nick Carter 440108 039 Double Disguise 29:37
Nine Hours to Live 29:26
Records of Death 29:22
Nick Carter 440129 042 The Unwilling Accomplice 27:14
Nick Carter 440205 043 Corpse in the Cab 29:30
Missing, Harold Ascort 28:35
Nick Carter 440219 045 Death After Dark 29:53
Dead Witnesses 28:09
Death in the Pines 28:43
Nick Carter 440325 050 Drums of Death 29:23
Nick Carter 440401 051 Professors Secret 29:02
Nick Carter 440408 052 Murder by Magic 29:09
Nick Carter 440415 053 A Cat Brings Death 29:06
Nick Carter 441008 152 The Numbers Murder 27:11
Nick Carter 441015 153 Slingshot Murders 25:54
Nick Carter 441022 154 Murder on Mad Mountain 30:47
Two Pillow Murder 31:00
Nick Carter 441105 156 Death in the Pool 29:17
Murder in the Night 29:39
Nick Carter 441203 160 Death Plays the Lead 29:13
Nick Carter 441224 163 Murder Goes to College 29:16
Nick Carter 441231 164 Murder in a Decantur 30:18
Nick Carter 450107 165 Monkey Sees Murder 29:27
Nick Carter 450114 166 Murder by Fire 28:57
Nick Carter 450121 167 Death by Richochet 29:25
Nick Carter 450128 168 Eye for an Eye 29:17
Nick Carter 450204 169 Ready for Murder 29:14
Mind over Murder 31:00
Nick Carter, Master Detective_45-02-25_(172)_Four Rings Of Death 31:03
Nick Carter 450304 173 Poison with a Past 29:10
Nick Carter 450311 174 Webs of Murder 28:05
Death Behind the Scenes 28:24
Nick Carter 450422 180 The Witch of Donderberg Mountain 29:31
The Vanishing Lady 30:27
Nick Carter 450513 183 The Mystery Of Hangmans Wood 30:39
The Haunted Rocking Chair 29:28
Nick Carter 450701 190 The Man Who Lived Too Long 30:46
Nick Carter 450722 192 MakeBelieve Murder 27:53
Nick Carter 450722 193 MakeBelieve Murder 29:39
The Case of the Unwritten Letter 29:12
The Hanging Paperhanger 26:09
The Case of the Sick Statue 26:38
Nick Carter, Master Detective_45-08-26_(198)_The Case Of The Vanishing Postman 28:38
The Case of the Talking Tree 23:57
The Case of the Howling Horse 29:24
Nick Carter, Master Detective_45-12-30_(216)_The Case Of Shakespeare's Ghost 29:40
The Body in the Ice 27:00
The Witness Saw Nothing 26:43
Eight Records of Death 59:42
Nick Carter 460423 232 The Case of the Little Old Ladies 29:16
The Case of the Poker Murders 29:02
Nick Carter 460528 237 The Case of the Demented Daughter 29:09
The Case of the Dictaphone Murder 29:18
Nick Carter, Master Detective_46-06-11_(239)_The Case Of The Clumsy Forgeries 31:02
The Case of the Make-Believe Robbery 29:29
Nick Carter 460825 250 The Case of the Red Goose Murder 29:30
The Case of the Blue Mink 23:18
Nick Carter 461222 267 The Case of the Imitation Robbery 25:49
Nick Carter, Master Detective_47-01-19_(271)_The Case Of The Gold-Headed Cane 31:02
Nick Carter 470126 272 The Case of the Persistant Beggars 24:47
Nick Carter 470202 273 The Case of the Careless Employees 26:00
The Case of the Crystal Prophecy 25:54
The Case of the Chemical Chickens 25:04
Nick Carter 470420 284 The Case of the Lucrative Wrecks 25:07
Nick Carter 470427 285 The Case of the Luminous Spots 27:02
Nick Carter 470504 286 Missing Thumb 21:04
Nick Carter 470629 294 The Case of the Sunken Dollar 27:16
Nick Carter 470713 296 The Case of the Missing Piano Player 26:35
Nick Carter 470720 297 The Case of the Wandering Maccaroni 26:06
The Case of the Bearded Queen 26:29
Nick Carter, Master Detective_47-09-21_(306)_The Case Of The Two-Faced Firemast… 31:02
Nick Carter, Master Detective_47-10-12_(309)_The Case Of The Hermit Thrush 31:02
Nick Carter 471019 310 The Case of the Perfect Alibi 25:02
Nick Carter 471123 315 The Case of the Barefoot Banker 24:39
Nick Carter 471130 316 The Case of the Jewelled Queen 25:19
Nick Carter 471207 317 The Case of the Explored Alibi 24:52
The Case of the Priceless Prose 29:11
Nick Carter 471221 319 The Case of the Policy Makers 53:57
Nick Carter 471228 320 The Case of the Missing Street 59:05
Nick Carter 480104 321 The Case of the Devils Left Eye 25:10
Nick Carter 480111 322 The Case of the Graveyard Gunman 24:38
Nick Carter 480125 324 The Case of the Invisible Treasure 24:53
The Case of the Classical Clue 24:18
The Case of the Wandering Corpse 25:58
The Case of the Boy Who Got Lost 25:20
The Case of the Absent Clue 23:52
Nick Carter 480314 331 The Case of the Last Old Timer 25:27
Nick Carter 480321 332 The Case of the Magic Rope 24:31
Nick Carter 480328 333 The Case of the Martyred Rat 23:46
Nick Carter 480404 334 The Case of the Star of Evil 26:35
Nick Carter 480411 335 The Case of the Henpecked Husband 25:04
Nick Carter 480509 339 The Case of the Nameless Blonde 26:14
Nick Carter 480516 340 The Case of the Salesman of Death 25:55
Nick Carter 480523 341 The Case of the Tatooed Cobra 25:47
Nick Carter 480530 342 The Case of the Littlest Gangster 25:45
Nick Carter 480613 344 The Case of the Unexpected Corpse 25:46
Nick Carter 480620 345 The Case of the Flowery Farewell 25:39
The Case of the King's Apology 25:56
The Case of the Midway Murders 25:38
The Case of the Professional Beggar 26:10
The Case of the Red Arrow 26:45
The Case of the Failing Eyes 26:40
The Case of the Quiet Room-Mate 26:33
The Case of the Great Impersonation 25:30
Nick Carter 480919 358 The Case of the Homely Bride 25:21
Case of the Candidate's Corpse 25:39
Nick Carter 481010 361 Unwanted Wife 26:39
The Case of the Double Frame 26:43
The Case of the Bull and the Bear 26:47
Nick Carter 481031 364 The Case of the Wrong Mr Wright 24:14
The Case of the Forgetful Killer 25:11
Nick Carter 481114 366 Clue Called X 25:59
Nick Carter, Master Detective_49-02-13_(379)_The Case Of The Perfect Crime 31:02
Nick Carter 490918 410 The Case of the Vanishing Weapon 28:58
Nick Carter, Master Detective_49-12-25_(424)_The Case Of The Phantom Shoplifter 24:32


The "Nick" Of Time !

(5 stars)

One of the longest running Radio Detective's, "Nick Carter's" actual appearance in the late-1800's actually PRECEEDED "Sherlock Holmes" ! A time-frame many are unaware of. Lon Clark (also a bonafide Opera singer) was the perfect choice for "Nick" and played the role for its entire run. I have a number of Nick Carter Shows on my syndicated program "The Breakfast Serial". (See "THE BREAKFAST SERIAL" WebSite for Info & Fun: !) The amazing thing about the 12 year run of Nick Carter is that by the early-to-mid-'50s TV had taken, as much as I personally have always loved this Series, in retrospect it survived the "new era" of the Visual Medium of TV much longer than others did. Great plots, super casts, wonderful atmosphere...Nick Carter, Master Detective lives on through the magic of the preservation of OTR ! Long live Nick Carter !

Duplicate files

(5 stars)

Files #13, Records of Death, and #59, Eight Records of Death, are the same episode. And so are #48, Nick_Carter_450722_192_MakeBelieve_Murder.mp3, and #65, The Case of the Make-Believe Robbery. Otherwise great fun. I rather enjoy the implausibilities and pulpiness. Keep up the great work!

The serial format episodes

(4 stars)

For most of the 1944 season the show now becomes serial format either four or five times a week with 30 mins episodes, except for one they seem not to exist any more, here's example of what I mean "BABIES FOR SALE PART 1" 54 04-17-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 2" 55 04-18-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 3" 56 04-19-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 4" 57 04-20-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 5" 58 04-21-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 6" 59 04-24-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 7" 60 04-25-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 8" 61 04-26-44 :29:30* *na* "BABIES FOR SALE PART 9" 62 04-27-44 :29:30*

Nick Carter -Sunday afternoon staple for Mutual

(4 stars)

When I first heard Nick Carter, I was about five or six years old. My father was a news editor for a Mutual station in Concord, N.H., WKXL. So of course we were tuned to Mutual. Nick Carter came on around 4 p.m., followed by Martain Kane, Private Eye. Then the Shadow and True Detective Mysteries, followed by Roy Rogers. Mutual always had a sensational line up of shows, even on Sundays, when you would think there would be nothing but church music. I later met Lon Clark at a Cincinnati old time radio convention and got his autograph. He was sponsored by Old Dutch Cleanser.

(3 stars)

I understood that the audience in homes had to be entertained during the wartime, but by gosh, this great detective got beat over the head so many times...and the use of guns, was so prolific... I was entertained and disappointed as well. The quality of some of the recordings was very poor and sometimes the time counter was still running and there was absolutely no audio for about several stories, and blank halfway through a series. I thought someone, would have tried to clean some of the recordings before putting them on here. But alas! I wish I knew how.

Best radio show I've ever heard! BUT--

(5 stars)

I've been listening to these since last year, and I've been doing it religiously; Nick, Patsy, Scubby, I love it all! Well I'm nearing the end of the limited episodes (I'm in mid-1948), and was just wondering if there is-- or ever will be a release of the full 700. I mean, I'm guessing there's a possibility they were never recorded, but if that huge gap of episodes exists, they NEED to be released! Any more info on this would be helpful :)

plots may be OK for younger kids, weak for adults

(3 stars)

This show was aimed at younger audiences, but even so, the writing is below par for the detective genre. The plots are marginal, the solutions simplistic and with frequent non-sequiters. The acting is good/competent, overall production is average. This show belongs on the 'B' list, maybe the 'C' list, but might be fun for small kids.

Lon Clark Excellent as "Nick Carter, Master Detective"

(5 stars)

Lon Clark as Nick Carter was a weekly family listening treat on radio when I was a child and teenager. Each episode I now listen to has maintained the high quality acting and plots as I remember them. The supporting cast is very good. It is a real pleasure to again listen to "Nick Carter, Master Detective."