Night of the Living Dead

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radio adaptation , came across this show , i do not know who made it or when it was broadcast.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Night of the Living Dead 52:55


Source is Simon & Schuster Cassette

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This is a 60 minute audio adaptation by Simon and Schuster Audioworks (1988) of the original 1968 classic. The narrator is the late Ed Bishop. The introduction and the closure have been removed.

Appears to be this 1988 adaptation

(2 stars) which is more likely a copyrighted audio book version. And a pretty cheesy one at that. You'll find better stuff on Lights Out! and Inner Sanctum.

Good Night?

(4 stars)

NOTLD is an atmospheric adaptation of Romero's classic, decent acting, radio transmissions of the apocalypse, and the set-up we all know & love :)


(3 stars)

It sounds like an '80s production. I have no idea where it's from, but it's servicable, I guess. Not great. Not terrible. It just is.

Not too bad!

(4 stars)

Ben sounds like he ought to be on The Waltons. Also an awfully quiet hammer. Where's Daryl when you need him?

classic dead

(5 stars)

this is a brilliant recording! brings something to the genre not found in the multitude of "dead " movies.

make more chapters please ?

(5 stars)

Love this book and it’s really good I wish you would make more chapters!please!?!❤️

(5 stars)

1988 adaptation of the classic radio broadcast. Really enjoyed listening to it. Recommend this to anyone who likes horror!