Orson Welles on Suspense

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Orson Welles guest stars on the long-running thriller. Included is Welles' parody of Donovan's Brain. Suspense (CBS) directors: William N. Robeson, William Spier music: Bernard Herrmann Episodes: The Hitchhiker by Lucille Fletcher The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell The Lost Special by Arthur Conan Doyle Philomel Cottage by Agatha Christie Lazarus Walks by Robert Richards The Marvelous Barastro by Ben Hecht The Dark Tower by Alexander Woollcott and George S. Kaufman Donovan's Brain by Curt Siodmak

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Thanks, but...

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"The Lost Special" is NOT Suspense programme #24. The number "24" on your transcription simply refers to the Army's sequence number in it's series of Suspense transcriptions lathed for the troops. The Lost Special IS Suspense programme #60, broadcast on 30 Sep 1943. It's nice that you found a new source for this programme, but PHULEESE, make sure of your metadata before posting. This only confuses the heck out of keeping a library of 946 episodes up to date. (really, 945 BROADCASTED episodes). Please update your data on this and the other ARFS transcriptions you have transferred. Why would we care how the Army numbered their transcription discs? This has NOTHING to do with the actual Suspense programme sequence and accepted programme sequence numbers. IN ADDITION, please do NOT bother posting new transfers of an episode unless the sound quality is superior to the commonly posted episode. I do not know how you are transferring, but your new transfer of "Donovan's Brain" sounds far INFERIOR to the version posted on the OTRR Certified page. [https://archive.org/details/OTRR_Certified_Suspense] This version is darn near the finest transfer of all Suspense I have yet heard (proper Hi-Fi!) , hence your new version, is of little interest to collectors. Usually ARFS discs are quite good sources. Perhaps, you are using the wrong stylus size? (2.5 mil conical) is standard size for radio transcriptions. Or, more likely, your transcription has been played too many times. ARFS discs were not always used for broadcast. In fact. most ARFS discs were SENT aboard ships and subs to be played over the ship's tannoy, as most pacific vessels were far from good broadcast signals.As such, reception of MW broadcast signals was dodgy, —at best. Perhaps, this was the only Suspense disc this poor vessel had and they simply played it to death. Enjoy your artifact, but please realise it has little worth outside of a personal curio.

Thank You!

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Orson Wells is(was) the Man. The crackle and pops of old radio shows really makes you focus. Turn the lights down and stare at your radio, watch him unfold a suspenseful story in front of you.

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I love that special treat at the end, the parody.. what a riot. thank you.

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Orsame !! Çrackling radio, extreme music, still as spellbinding as 46 years ago . thanks

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wow what great experience.Everyone must give it a shot to this genius creation

not the orient express

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just some people talking nonesense