Beyond Midnight

(4.7 stars; 9 reviews)

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Good but....

(3 stars)

This is another of South Africa's entries into OTR. This time more in the areas of suspense and a touch of horror. It is every bit as good as 'Squad Cars'. "40th Birthday" leads off and is quite good even though it telegraphs the ending about half way through. But the problems with this series is not the stories or the acting. It is the episodes themselves. I tried listening to 4 seperate episodes and invariably they all stopped somewhere in mid-playback and jumped to the next episode in the que. In order to really enjoy one needs to download the episodes to their computers and play from there. I did this with RealPlayer and had no further problems.This also elliveated the suspense of waiting for the episode to stop and skip to the next. All in all the program is worth downloading then listening. A solid recommendation.

no playback problems july 2014

(5 stars)

on good old LibriVOX anyway. good stuff when you run out of better otr and def better than another south African entry, Sounds of Darkness. it reeks of apartheid times even though it's set in the USA with a blind American FBI agent...e.g. 'Louisiana Hayride' (1970), in which the main character philosophizes about 'mountain people' for whom success in life is usually a career in alcoholism . maybe I'm oversensitive but I don't think so.