Ghost Corps

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This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Info on Ghost Corps

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A quick google took me to the OTR cat website where they have this description: "Mystery (1930s) "Ghost Core is the name given to the mystery-shrouded organization of freelance diplomats operating throughout the near and Far East." K.C. Smith, a man who is trained to handle any fiend in the Middle East, is also very fluent in all the Easternydialects and is familiar with the customs there. Everyday, he ventures out into the streets, while shrouded in the Middle Eastern garbs, in order to get the scoop on any foul play that might arise in these ancient cities full of mosques, bazaars, and oriental palaces. Smith will do whatever it takes to get all the information needed to bring down the local warlords, all in the name of the Ghost Corps." The CD they are selling has 26 episodes so obviously there are more available then these 6 shows.


(5 stars)

i very much enjoyed ghost Corps, are there more episodes, it's hard to believe there were just these two, the voices and vocal impersonations of Arabs were excellent, i can't imagine how they can read off a typed script and have the timing from actor to actor come out so perfectly, how were they able to get the sound recording so good for 1934 and 35, most of it sounds like it was recorded yesterday compared to the sound quality that we hear in most or a lot of otr programs from this era, i really enjoyed the professional quality of the acting and would like to know the names of all the actors if someone might know where i can find this information, please post, and again are there more Ghost Corps episodes that we can get!

Decent for its era

(3 stars)

I was put off at first by the audio quality, but you soon get used to it and so stick with it. It is a very old recording and the storyline is typical of what you would expect from this period. It is a decent enough story, without being riveting, and so if you like your nostalgia then give it a go.

Good Example of Pulp/Serial Adventure

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Although when we tried to run the show as a role-playing game, the players pointed out how stupid it was to have a burn scar as proof of membership - which could be recognized by enemies. Can someone please identify the theme - I think Sheharazade, Rimsky-Korsikov, but what movment? Or am I wrong?


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It's an intriguing program. Does anyone out there have any information about it?