Horizons West 13 Eps

(4.7 stars; 9 reviews)

(13 Episodes) "Horizons West" Produced for and broadcast on the Armed Forces Radio & Television Service (actual taping dates unknown), the 13 episode "Horizons West" was a Radio Docu-Drama depiction of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Directed by William Lally, all 13 Eps were written by popular radio duo, Karl A. & William Tunberg. OTR * def gp ddh

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Thumbs Up for Horizons West

(4 stars)

Though this series adds a bit of Hollywood to the facts, it is very well done and covers the basic history fairly well. The audio is great quality.

revisiting this multiple times

(5 stars)

I know it takes some liberties with the truth, but I've enjoyed this so much that I've listened to it multiple times. Harry Bartell and John Dehner (identified as John Anderson) are both excellent voice actors and perfect in their roles in this high quality production and transcription. I also enjoy both of them on many other OTR shows; always well worth a listen!