Ranger Bill - Single Episodes

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"Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodland, struggling against extreme odds, traveling dangerous trails, fighting the many enemies of nature. This is the job of the guardian of the forest, Ranger Bill. Pouring rain, freezing cold, blistering heat, snows, floods, bears, rattlesnakes, mountain lions. Yes, all this in exchange for the satisfaction and pride of a job well done." That was the opening of Ranger Bill, a Christian radio adventure serial produced under the auspices of the Moody Broadcasting Network and the Moody Bible Institute. There were 206 episodes of Ranger Bill, which ran from 1950 to 1954 in a 15-minute format on WMBI in Chicago, and in syndication as a 30-minute show from 1954 to 1962.

The series followed the adventures of Park Ranger Bill Jefferson. Miron Canaday starred as Bill, the chief forest ranger in the small Rocky Mountain town of Knotty Pine, where the former US Marine lived with his mother. Ranger Bill was your standard radio hero, a paragon of fitness and virtue who could resolve nearly any situation. Ranger Bill and his friends were faced with many situations to solve over the years, from the mundane, like finding lost kids or investigating the problems racing boats were causing on the lake, to the fantastic, including several elephant attacks, spacemen apparently coming from a meteor and trying to find a lost treasure in the Amazon, all the while stressing positive Christian values for young people.

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First Snow 13:32
VIPs Visit Knotty Pine aka The Disappearing Buffalo Herd 29:28
Ranger_Bill_54-04-25_ep145_Tony's_Place_aka_Standing_Firm_For_What's_Right 29:46
Burning Sands 28:57
Twenty Fathoms Under The Sea 29:46
The End Of The Rope 29:24
The Fire Bug 29:35
If the Lord Is for Us 29:51
Set The Record Straight 29:38
River Of Fire 28:35
Ranger_Bill_55-03-09_ep136_Bim,_The_Dog 29:25
Hit and Run 29:09
Next In Line 29:59
Twelve Feet Of Danger 29:37
The Second Heart aka Heart Trouble 29:41
Ranger_Bill_55-07-06_ep140_The_Man_Who_Couldn't_Remember 29:19
Ranger_Bill_55-07-20_ep138_Death's_Half_Mile 29:53
The Eviction of Pa and Ma Skunk 29:24
Fossil Canyon 29:55
Flaming Grass 29:18
They Called Him the Jinx 29:32
Piggyback 29:49
Sleeping Death 29:10
The Shortage 29:37
The Hermit 29:44
Mrs Kane Wins The War 29:23
Stumpy Gets Thirty Days 29:26
Hidden Treasure aka Trouble At The Double Bar Ranch 29:34
Getting Along With The Wrong Crowd 29:54
The Handcart Race 28:53
The Broken Promise 29:55
The Man Who Understood 29:27
Ranger_Bill_56-05-16_ep176_Nature's_Vacuum_Cleaner 29:39
The Log Jam 29:20
Catching A Big Fish With A Small Hook 29:37
Overflow 29:36
An Old Horse Learns New Tricks 29:15
The Hunted 29:46
Ranger_Bill_56-11-07_ep146_Sultan,_King_Of_Beasts 29:32
Marauder of Goose Lake 29:36
A Lesson in Love 29:58
The Ice Prison 29:15
Skiers In the Sky 29:59
The Man With The Limp 29:49
Decision For Death 29:48
The Laughing Face aka The Wolverine Scare 29:38
Ranger_Bill_57-02-20_ep188_The_Boy_Who_Wouldn't_Quit 29:43
The Big Headache 29:50
Penny Wise and Pound Foolish 29:23
Timid Timothy 29:31
The Cat In The Wall 29:29
The Blessing Of Snow 29:40
The Book Farmer 29:36
Hot Fire 29:38
Dead On Arrival 29:39
Earthquake 29:22
Houseboat Charlie 29:16
Ranger_Bill_57-07-10_ep017_A_Dog's_Worst_Enemy 29:13
The Clown of Blue Lake 29:26
The Ranger Factory 29:56
Ice Pack 29:33
The Outsider 29:49
The Road to Fame 29:21
The Tugboat Cowboy 29:56
Mr Sunshine 29:34
Glacier Cave-In 29:27
10 Fathoms Deep 29:24
The Flying Game Warden 29:13
The Deep Country 29:40
Ranger_Bill_58-04-09_ep025_The_River_That_Wasn't_There 29:23
The White Fields 29:36
Old Faithful 28:11
The Whispering Cave 29:44
Rogue Elephant 28:53
The Vanishing Mummy 28:38
The Fur Thieves 29:32
Eddie And Mr Foxy 29:33
The Cruel Man 29:28
Ranger_Bill_58-07-16_ep028_Jimmy's_Christmas_Miracle_aka_Faith_The_Grain_Of_A_M… 29:27
The Fighting Parson 29:16
Mystery in Bear Valley 29:08
The Falling Giants 29:33
Petticoat Rangers 29:23
Ranger_Bill_58-11-19_ep153_Henry's_Miracle 29:27
Bobsled 29:03
The Return of Sitting Bull 29:36
Ranger_Bill_59-01-21_epxxx_Charlie's_Nightmare 28:31
The Mad Bats 29:20
The Hardhead 29:27
The Three Legged Deer 29:16
They Called Him A Coward 29:20
The Cattle Rustlers Of Coconino 28:57
Ranger_Bill_59-10-21_ep068_The_Crisis_aka_Stumpy's_Sight 29:32
Broken Bootstraps 29:30
The Last Fire Call 29:11
Ranger_Bill_59-11-11_ep205_Stumpy's_Harmonica_aka_Music_Horrible_Music 29:27
Camera Crew In Knotty Pines aka Stumpy In The Movies 29:35
Monster Of White Lake aka The White River Monster 29:31
Ranger_Bill_60-07-20_ep081_Bridge_Out!_aka_Henry's_Bridge 29:13
Birthday Rescue aka Fallen Hunter 29:31
Cliff Rescue aka Clean Up Work aka Timmy Climbs Mount Evergreen 29:07
Ranger_Bill_60-09-16_ep090_The_Foreman's_Accident_aka_Trouble_In_Tunnel_13 29:33
Ranger_Bill_60-09-16_ep090_The_Foreman's_Accident_aka_Trouble_In_Tunnel_13_-_Co… 29:33
Ranger_Bill_60-09-28_ep084_Ronnie's_Bear_aka_The_Mad_Bear_aka_Cub_Trouble 29:32
Ranger_Bill_60-09-28_ep084_Ronnie's_Bear_aka_The_Mad_Bear_aka_Cub_Trouble_-_Copy 29:32
Ranger_Bill_60-10-08_ep085_Henry's_History_Lesson_aka_Henry's_Wagon_Train_Dream 28:56
Ranger_Bill_60-10-08_ep085_Henry's_History_Lesson_aka_Henry's_Wagon_Train_Dream… 28:56
Ranger_Bill_60-11-09_ep102_Oil_Well_aka_Ashby's_Folly 29:36
Rules aka The Runaway Boy 29:19
The Lost Pig aka Tangerine The Pig 29:47
Ranger_Bill_60-12-07_ep103_Marty_Patton's_Piano 29:39
Ranger_Bill_61-01-11_ep104_Henry's_Crisis_Of_Faith_aka_Prove_God_Exists 29:28
Ranger_Bill_61-01-18_ep105_Water_Tank_Rescue_aka_Smart_Alec's_Water_Tank_Inspec… 29:11
Ranger_Bill_61-01-25_ep106_Mike's_Horse_aka_The_Horse_Test 29:27
He Broke Through The Ice aka They Killed Ranger Bill 29:47
Honest Prayer aka Picnic Cave-in 29:35
Roving Wolves aka Wolf Attack 29:39
The Trouble With Gossip aka Tell Me A Story aka Rumors 29:15
Ranger_Bill_61-03-29_ep094_Freddie's_Storuy_aka_Old_Ben's_Gold_aka_Freddie_Burn… 29:42
The Sail Sled aka Full Sails 29:36
The New Recruit aka Fully Prepared Ranger 29:34
Ranger Bill Times Two aka A Case Of Mistaken Identity 29:39
Hearing God To Help The Missionaries aka The Diamond Ring 29:23
Legal Rights aka The Shooting Of Mr Prince 29:40
Cotton and Candy 28:20
Bill Gets Lost In A Cavern aka Transistor Walkie Talkie 29:34
The Raging Rapids 29:02
Ranger_Bill_61-10-11_ep083_Pete's_Civil_War_aka_Civil_War_Junk 29:33
A Little Spark 29:35
Ranger_Bill_61-10-18_ep130_Hunt's_Place_aka_Mr_Hunt's_Estate 29:46
The White Buffalo 29:33
Ranger_Bill_61-11-01_ep128_Henry's_New_Job_aka_Henry's_Grocery_Job 29:39
Rabies Scare aka In Shape 29:30
Ranger_Bill_61-12-08_ep114_Tom's_Otter_aka_Brightwater,_The_Otter 29:16
The Duck Call 29:45
Miracles aka Pray For A Miracle 29:18
Ranger_Bill_62-01-10_ep009_Henry's_Bus_Trip 29:01
Border Town aka Tongues Of Fire 29:50
Ranger_Bill_62-03-13_ep117_Contentment_In_God's_Will_aka_A_Need_For_Excitement 29:58
Forest Fire aka Hot Fire And Sowing Seeds 28:50
Trestle Ice Jam 29:55
Run Away aka The River Giant 27:55
Fire Bug aka The Fisherman And The Firebug 29:37
Ranger_Bill_62-05-16_ep123_The_Fire_Bomber's_Pink_Cloud 28:12
The Salesman 26:55
The Loudmouth 29:32
Tiger Cat 29:38
Ranger_Bill_xx-xx-xx_ep023_In_the_Eagle's_Nest 29:52
The Abominable Snow Man 30:03
Christmas Bells aka Christmas At Knotty Pines 29:56
Christmas Program with Bill Pearce 29:23
Water Hot Rods 29:20
Terror On Finger River 29:22
The Wrong Valley 29:38
The Man Who Lost God 29:44
The Battle At Jenkins Manor 28:59
The Prehistoric Monster 29:30
The Deadly Laundry Basket 28:18
The Measure Of A Man 29:42
The One Wire Fence 29:50
Ranger_Bill_xx-xx-xx_ep051_Mrs_Murphy's_Chowder 29:06
The Self-Made Man 29:10
The Locked Bag 29:11
A Prisoner On Ice Island 28:30
Soup Truck 29:35
Lover Boy 29:43
The Gospel Goes To Reform School 29:24
The Adventure Of The Tarnished Gold 29:18
Ranger_Bill_xx-xx-xx_ep060_Danger,_Deer_Crossing 29:19
The Secret Of Seal Island 28:47
The MountainThat Moved 29:10
One Mile Down 29:13
Avalanche 29:30
Elizabeth And The Stranger 29:06
The 25th Man 29:31
The Man At The Door 29:33
Richard And God 29:46
Mystery Island 29:13
Crazy Man Comes Back 29:24
Rising Curiosity 29:33
The Man Of The House 29:42
No Good Dog 29:16
The Mad Bison 29:03
Ceiling Zero 29:38
One Man Mountain Lion 29:35
The New Rangers 29:23
Vacation Cruise Island 29:30
The Fallout Shelter 29:44
Rattlesnake Same aka Fifty Or Sixty Snakes 29:11
Ranger_Bill_xx-xx-xx_ep141_Danger!_Gasoline_Leak 29:46
Death On The Waterfront 29:04
River Monster 29:41
The Floating Death Trap 29:36
Chinook 29:40
Henry For Mayor 29:39
The Jealous Step-Father 29:34
Forest Fire Death Trap aka Fire In The Forest 29:44
The Crusher 29:37
The Old Diehard 29:39
The Road Ghost 29:43
The Muddy River 29:23
Skinner Raises A Storm 27:00
The Donner Party Treasure 27:49
The Law of the Golden Rule 29:08
The Runaway Railroad 30:02
Snow White Stallion 29:32
Ten Hours Too Much 27:43
One Million Years Ago 30:33
Typhoid Fever at Stormy Point 29:38
The Reckless Driver 28:14
A Boy and the Bomb 29:38
The Space Rocket 29:49
Ranger_Bill_xx-xx-xx_ep210_Sheriff's_Convention 27:52
The Battle Of The Lumberjacks 28:27
The Seeing Eye Dog 29:18
Arson At Brighton College 29:17
The Fighting Sissy 28:00
Ranger_Bill_xx-xx-xx_ep215_The_Dog_That_Didn't_Forget 27:48
The Monkey Chase 28:57
Ole Three Toes 27:50
Spirits And Spirit 29:09


Not happy with audio controls

(5 stars)

There is no way to fast forward. While listening on my Bluetooth speaker, a family member moved my cell phone and accidentally backed up the webpage to a previous page. When I got back to the audio recording I found no way to fast forward to the point I was at. Very frustrating as I was 25 min in to a 30 minute radio show.

The Best Faith Based Fictional Program

(5 stars)

I remember this show being on Saturday mornings while I was a kid of the late 70's and early 80's. It didn't matter to me that it was a "Christian" show only that it was a good one. As an adventure loving boy I was intrigued by the stories and it is the same still today.

The Gospel

(5 stars)

Yes it is a wonderful feeling to know that you have put your faith in something worth while. And that is " THE GOSPEL". 1st Corinthians 15v1-4,KJV. The Apostle Paul speaking here in chapter 15, and also Romans 2v16 will support that verse. Know what you believe for salvation. God Bless You All

Good Memories...

(5 stars)

WCHR in Philadelphia used to broadcast this, along with a few other shows (like Critter County and Fables of Faith). This brought back a flood of memories. Thank you so much for letting me relive my childhood for a few moments!

A land based version of Sailor Sam

(5 stars)

These stories are similar to the Moody Bible Institute's Sailor Sam published around the same time.

Good listening

(5 stars)

I found this by chance I love this .having faith is a wonderful feeling.

One of my favorites when I was younger

(5 stars)

(5 stars)

Andy Griffith show for radio....Love it!