Perry Mason,the case of the silent partner.

(4.5 stars; 50 reviews)

The case of the silent partner,1 episode,old time radio

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The Case of the Silent Partner

(4 stars)

I can see why they brought all of the stars from the radio show of Perry Mason to the television screen. Looking forward to hearing another episode.

Not what it looks like

(0 stars)

This is not from the Perry Mason radio series, which was aired in 10-minute daily episodes; this is audio from the 1957-66 CBS TV series.

just what i was looking for

(5 stars)

love the old tv episodes. Raymond Burr will always be the only Perry Mason, in my eyes

This is probably from TV series but i still enjoy it.

(5 stars)

something about his vouce

perry mason, the case of the silent partner

(4 stars)

Great classic

(5 stars)

Always stirring music with a twisted mystery.... Love it!