Quiet Please

(4.2 stars; 19 reviews)

Quiet, Please! was an old-time radio fantasy and horror program created by Wyllis Cooper

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Nothing Behind the Door 29:24
Quiet_Please_470615_002_I've_Been_Looking_for_You 29:38
We Were Here First 29:08
The Ticket Taker 29:26
Cornelia 30:27
I Remember Tomorrow 29:01
Inquest 28:41
Bring Me to Life 29:16
How Are You, Pal 31:01
Be a Good Dog, Darling 9:59
Not Enough Time 28:19
Camera Obscura 23:51
Pavanne, the Girl with the Flaxen Hair 22:49
Quiet_Please_471027_021_Don't_Tell_Me_About_Halloween 24:47
Take Me out to the Graveyard 24:28
Three 24:08
Kill Me Again 24:00
In Memory of Bernadine 24:02
Come In, Eddie 23:46
Quiet_Please_471208_027_Some_People_Don't_Die 24:33
Little Fellow 23:54
Quiet_Please_471229_030_Rain_on_New_Year's_Eve 24:32
Little Visitor 24:40
The Room Where Ghosts Live 24:11
Quiet_Please_480119_033_Baker's_Dozen 24:16
Green Light 23:51
The Pathetic Fallacy 29:15
A Red and White Guidon 29:04
Whence Came You 29:26
Quiet_Please_480223_038_Wear_the_Dead_Man's_Coat 29:11
Sketch for a Screenplay 29:11
Never Send to Know 28:35
A Night to Forget 29:06
Quiet Please 29:43
I Always Marry Juliet 27:18
Twelve to Five 29:50
Clarissa 29:11
13 and 8 27:50
How Beautiful upon the Mountain 29:23
There Are Shadows Here 29:14
Gem of Purest Ray 29:04
In the House Where I Was Born 28:38
Not Responsible After 30 Years 30:12
Let the Lillies Consider 24:11
Wahine Tahiti 24:17
As Long as I Live 24:41
The Man Who Stole a Planet 24:14
Quiet_Please_480802_059_It's_Later_Then_You_Think 24:28
The Thing on the Fourble Board 29:42
Quiet_Please_480816_061_PrestoChangeO_I'm_Sure 26:51
3000 Words 21:36
Quiet_Please_480906_064_The_Third_Man's_Story 21:53
Symphony in Minor 24:16
Anonymous 30:39
Light the Lamp for Me 29:18
Meet John Smith, John 28:51
Quiet_Please_481010_069_Beezer's_Cellar 29:15
And Jeannie Dreams of Me 29:15
Good Ghost 29:28
Calling All Souls 28:35
Adam and the Darkest Day 29:11
The Evening and the Morning 27:30
One for the Book 29:31
My Son John 28:00
Very Unimportant Person 29:44
Berlin, 1945 29:34
The Time of the Big Snow 28:14
Portrait of a Character 29:22
Is This Murder 28:41
Summer Good-Bye 29:07
Northern Lights 29:32
Tap the Heat, Bogdan 27:39
Valentine 28:59
Where Do You Get Your Ideas 26:02
If I Should Wake Before I Die 29:29
The Man Who Knew Everything 28:06
Dark Rosaleen 28:41
The Smell of High Wines 26:59
A Time to Be Born, and a Time to Die 27:27
Dialogue for a Tragedy 29:57
Shadow of the Wings 29:47
The Vail of Glen Cove 29:54
Dark Grey Magic 29:11
Other Side of the Stars 30:07
The Little Morning 28:26
The Oldest Man in the World 28:36
In the House Where I Was Born 27:42
Tanglefoot 28:38
The Hat, the Bed, and John J Catherine 27:52
Pavanne of the Girl with the Flaxen Hair 30:44
Quiet Please 29:52


Takes me back

(5 stars)

It is well worth listening, if you love old horror. Radios version of Night Gallery compared to Twilight Zone, maybe not THE best but still really good.

Two points/corrections

(4 stars)

First, the presence of the Peter Lorre reading of Cask of Amontillado is the giveaway that this upload of The Thing on The Fourble Board is copied from a '70s LP put out by The Radiola Company of Croton On Hudson, NY. Contrary to what someone else here states, no one passed it off as part of the show -- no intent to pad programming or con anyone was intended. Rather, it was part of Radiola's ongoing effort, while they were around, to give buyers as much value for their money as possible. (That The Thing on the Fourble Board is far and away the cleanest transfer here should -- should -- silence all carping about it.) Second, although there are people who habitually mangle sound files, then upload them to this site as if they were purest gold, this is not the case in this particular instance. The reason there is exactly one clean and crisp Quiet Please sound file here is because it was lifted off an LP that had a very rare, superior sound source. The sound quality of existing Quite Please shows, the entire series, has always been very low fi. Even wikipedia mentions that most shows have sub-par sound. I can attest that when I bought tapes of the show during the '70s, they already sounded as if they had been recorded off a distant radio station, with a thicket of static, fading, audio ghosting and interference in the foreground. One might say the tradition continues. No one has screwed up these transfers any time recently. This site's usual suspects cannot be blamed in this case, love to blame them though I do too. Most importantly, thanks to the uploader for sharing these. I understand that you aren't some inept kid wrecking pristine sound files with a dirty needle. By posting what you have, you're doing a hell of a lot more than the erstwhile perpetual critic wannabes.

Peter Lorre piece identified

(5 stars)

That Peter Lorre reading of Poe's "Cask of Amontillado" at the end of the Quiet, Please episode "The Thing On The Fourble Board" is from the NBC program The Big Show of 1952-03-09, available here: http://www.archive.org/details/OTRR_The_Big_Show_Singles. It's a sad fact that some traders/sellers of OTR padded their episodes to make them appear more complete. At least in this case the padding was something worth hearing; too often it was an unrelated edited-in commercial, a few minutes of silence, or the last few minutes of the program repeated.

Lowest possible audio quality

(3 stars)

It is the fault only of the boy who transferred the discs to tape - but these recordings are the worst quality of any OTR show that I know. For me, the quality of the scripts is not quite good enough to compensate for that disastrous sound quality. As you listen - IF you listen - then try to imagine how potentially good the whole series might have been of the disgruntled student had stopped to clean the needle or one of the records just ONCE.

About "Quiet Please"

(5 stars)

This, simply put, is a REALLY GOOD series. Yes, it's unfortunate that the best recordings have been lost ( or hoarded ) but if you can ignore the scratches and the like, the story telling is as if you are being told directly. With excellent writing by Willis Cooper and a huanting theme, you need to listen to every episode. I have.

Nostalgia Ventures cleaned up versions.......

(3 stars)

Radio Archives out of Spokane, Washington is offering downloads of Quite Please for sale through Nostalgia Ventures. They supposedly have been" reasonably" cleaned up through Nostalgia Ventures. I haven't heard the Nostalgia Ventures downloads of Quiet Please, but would assume they have been cleaned up much better than what is available here.

A Notably Haunting Episode

(5 stars)

As a kid, I was mesmerized by the Quiet, Please offering, "Northern Lights". With the show's thematic repetition of Cesar Franck's "Symphony in D Minor" running throughout the performance, I never viewed caterpillars in the same light again. And, in passing, thanks very much for creating this great site for keeping OTR ongoing.

Lovecraft Reference

(3 stars)

Ep. 47 "The Man Who stole a Planet" makes ref. to "all that HP Lovecraft stuff." Otherwise show not as good as Lights Out (pure horror) or Inner Sanctum (gleeful wickedness). QP is too slow paced, relies too much on silliness and many episodes just have one person retelling the story.