Railroad OTR

(3.9 stars; 4 reviews)

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Return_To_PS_15_Excerpt 2:47
Girl_With_Gun_On_Train 8:05
Suicide_On_The_Great_Valley_Railroad 7:17
Train_Trip_To_See_Uncle_Dennis 28:30
Catching_A_Train 29:36
No_Train_Reservation_For_Mrs_Carstairs 30:09
Fibber_Gets_Lost_On_The_Train 14:00
Train_Wreck_Plot 29:35
Land_For_The_Railroad 25:47
Railroad_Bridge 29:16
Robbers_On_The_Railroad 27:57
Death_Train 29:29
Train_Robbery 13:57
Relief_Train 29:24
Lumber_For_The_Railroad 29:19
Steel_Rails_And_Gold 29:16
The_Train_Wreck 29:23
Rails_Across_Choctaw_Land 27:26
Buried_Rails 28:01
Railroad_Survey 27:03
Runaway_Railroad 27:13
The_Gold_Train 29:23
The_Locomotive_Ghost 29:07
The_Electric_Train 25:38
Green_Light 23:58
Danger_Lights 31:01
The_Signalman 28:08
01_Spider_And_The_Stranger 13:27
02_Pops_New_Assistant 12:52
03_The_Mail_Contract 12:56
04_The_Old_1010_Rolls_Again 12:18
05_The_Dinner_Party 13:23
06_Race_For_The_Mail 13:12
07_Treachery_On_The_Rails 12:49
08_Victory 13:13
09_Victory_Celebration 13:11
10_Tragedy_Strikes 13:56
11_Family_Matters 13:25
12_Foul_Play 12:43
13_Spiders_Story 13:07
14_A_New_Hope 13:16
15_Shareholders_Showdown 14:08
16_A_Short_Vacation_To_Danger 13:38
17_Escape 13:43
18_Trouble_In_Town 14:33
19_Cupid_Strikes 13:20
20_A_New_Deal 12:09
21_Coded_Message 13:41
22_Surprise_Visit 8:16
23_The_Fortuna_Mine 14:16
24_Love_Lost 13:25
25_Love_Found 13:40
26_A_New_Beginning 13:14
Audition 30:41
Mr._Donahue_Gets_A_Promotion 10:18
Engine_Cab_Ride_To_Chicago 11:23
Uncle_Fletcher_To_Meet_1_AM_Train 11:14
Forty_Pounds_Of_Golf_Clubs 10:51
Uncle_Fletchers_Train_Trip_To_Dixon 9:13
Picking_Up_Vic_At_Railroad_Station 10:53


Agnes Moorehead - The Signal Man

(5 stars)

A much revered tale by Charles Dickens has finally been given a new stance of a female visitor to the Signal Man. Always a special favourite as my husband is a real-life Signaller/Despatcher and although works one of the most state of the art signalboxes in London he has never used a flag to signal a train - but he has worked on night shifts in lonely Signalboxes and has known the eerieness that accompanies such duties so this story has special meaning - to find a version narrated by Agnes Moorehead one of the most skilled and talented actesses of all times is incredible and I would recommend it highly. A classical piece of literature perfected!

Very Good.

(4.5 stars)

It was a very good listen. It was Interesting to hear how things were abd how they sounded in the 1930s and 1940s. My favorite one was the first one. The actors who played did very well. I also kearned something. You have to be low to be high. Good times.

Different readers

(1 stars)

I wouldn't say I liked how it went from a serious story to a loud comedy. The different readers in this case was annoying.