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Relic Radio Science Fiction features science fiction from the golden age!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


SF146: The Veldt by X Minus One 24:54
SF147: Doom Machine by Suspense 21:49
SF148: The Stowaway by Exploring Tomorrow 19:05
SF149: Caverns Of Venus by Space Patrol 28:41
SF150: At The Post by X Minus One 23:13
SF151: The Last Objective by Dimension X 25:08
SF152: Incident At Apogee by Theater Five 21:26
SF153: Country Boy by Exploring Tomorrow 17:55
SF154: Prisoner Of Pluto by Space Patrol 29:08
SF155: The Green Hills Of Earth by X Minus One 25:15
SF156: A Strange Day In May by Suspense 22:30
SF158: We Are All Alone by Theater Five 20:42
SF159: Real Gone by X Minus One 23:39
SF160: Venus Space Factory by Space Patrol 30:38
SF161: Outside Time by Theater Five 22:00
SF162: Gray Flannel Armor by X Minus One 22:43
SF163: Quest by SF 68 25:57
SF164: Dwellers In Silence by Dimension X 30:42
SF165: Terror From Beyond by Theater Five 22:28
SF166: 10 Miles To The Moon by The Challenge Of Space 32:06
SF167: When The Worlds Met by 2000 Plus 30:35
SF168: The Haunted Corpse by X Minus One 21:23
SF169: First Encounter by Theater Five 20:38
SF170: The Seventh Order by X Minus One 30:12
SF171: Telepathic by Exploring Tomorrow 20:20
SF172: Green Splotches by Escape 30:46
SF173: Time And Time Again by Dimension X 30:42
SF174: Drop Dead by X Minus One 22:28
SF175: R.U.R. by Columbia Workshop 30:56
SF176: Incident At Switchpath by Beyond Tomorrow 29:19
SF177: Last Rites by SF 68 25:47
SF178: In Absense Of All Intelligent Life by Theater Five 22:07
SF179: Pebble In The Sky by Dimension X 25:47
SF180: Quiet Please by Quiet Please 30:58
SF181: First Baby In Space by Exploring Tomorrow 21:13
SF182: Tsylana by X Minus One 21:20
SF183: Hermit Of Pluto by Space Patrol 29:05
SF184: Flying Saucers by 2000 Plus 30:34
SF185: Beyond Infinity by Dimension X 30:36
SF186: The Death Dust by SF68 27:07
SF187: Protection by X Minus One 23:25
SF188: Flashback by Exploring Tomorrow 19:00
SF189: The Wandering Spaceman by Theater Five 20:50
SF190: The Green Thing by 2000 Plus 31:30
SF191: The Kaleidoscope by Dimension X 30:50
SF192: Volpla by X Minus One 21:46
SF193: Grenvilles Planet by SF68 28:35
SF194: Black Death by Suspense 23:42
SF195: Watch Bird by Tales Of Tomorrow 29:24
SF196: No Contact by X Minus One 29:14
SF197: The Brooklyn Brain by 2000 Plus 29:49
SF198: Rebellion Next Week by Theater Five 23:15
SF199: The Lost Race by Dimension X 30:41
SF200: The Green Hills Of Earth by CBS Radio Workshop 25:16
SF318: The Last Rites by SF 68 25:17


Nice collection

(5 stars)

I like variety of shows. This collection is great to download and travel with. Relic Radio does not dissapoint.

Very good collection

(5 stars)

Absolutely love this collection, and thank you!

much enjoyment in these broadcasts. Thanks to the archivists!

(4.5 stars)

Dynamic Radio!

(5 stars)

What a pleasure to listen and use our imagination! something present day youth should try instead of games.