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Relic Radio Science Fiction features science fiction from the golden age!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



SF30: The Vital Factor by Dimension X 30:52
SF31: Heavens To Betsy by Suspense 31:59
SF32: The Earthmen by Escape 32:18
SF33: A Stranger Among Us by CBS Radio Mystery Theater 44:36
SF34: A Pail Of Air by X Minus 1 29:30
SF35: Planet Zevius by The Mysterious Traveler 30:31
SF36: Professor Was A Thief by Dimension X 31:25
SF37: The Men From Mars by 2000 Plus 31:03
SF38: Heads You Lose by Suspense 24:28
SF39: The Diamond Lens by The Weird Circle 26:13
SF40: Caretaker by X Minus One 23:22
SF41: Skylab Are You There by The Zero Hour 19:59
SF42: Mars Is Heaven by Dimension X 26:49
SF43: Conquerors Isle by Escape 30:46
SF44: The Man From Tomorrow by Suspense 31:04
SF45: Cave Of Night by X Minus One 29:47
SF46: Day The Earth Stood Still by Lux Radio Theater 1:01:22
SF47: Resident Killer by CBS Radio Mystery Theater 45:39
SF48: The Other Now by Tales Of Tomorrow 31:14
SF49: Destination Moon by Dimension X 29:31
SF50: A Sound Of Thunder by SF68 31:11
SF51: The Adaptive Ultimate by Escape 30:53
SF52: The Colony by CBS Radio Mystery Theater 43:20
SF53: The Cold Equation by X Minus One 25:12
SF54: Plan X by Suspense 30:28
SF55: Earth Abides Part 1 by Escape 30:51
SF56: Earth Abides Part 2 by Escape 30:40
SF57: The Potters Of Firsk by Dimension X 28:59
SF58: Ten Miles To The Moon by Challenge Of Space 32:07
SF59: First Contact by Exploring Tomorrow 20:57
SF60: Appointment In Tomorrowd by X Minus One 28:47
SF61: Requiem by Dimension X 32:14
SF62: The Space Merchants Part 1 by CBS Radio Workshop 24:04
SF63: The Space Merchants Part 2 by CBS Radio Workshop 24:31
SF64: Another Galaxy by The Challenge Of Space 30:33
SF65: Watch Bird by Tales Of Tomorrow 29:33
SF66: Sea Legs by X Minus One 29:30
SF67: Return To Dust by Suspense 25:45
SF68: Survival by SF68 27:35
SF69: The Embassy by Dimension X 31:04


I'm with Chris

(5 stars)

Really love the old radio sci-fi, it's probably the best format for it...

Really good

(5 stars)

Love Relic Radio, these stories are the best

The Time Travel Experience

(5 stars)

This brilliant collection of broadcasts from the 'Golden Age' of both Sci Fi and Radio really takes you back in time, and wi th a bit of imagination into the future too. The excellent links enhance the listening experience, putting the stories in context . Most of the great writers are here and some superb productions of some poof their best works.

(5 stars)

Thanks very enjoyable hope there is more I love the real scifi of yesteryear

awesome to listen

(5 stars)

love it! listened to every episode.

(5 stars)

Respect and appreciate all the work that is being put in so classics are not forgotten

a very exciting collection of stories that I highly recommend

(5 stars)

all of these radio plays where of excellent audio quality and the actors and actresses performed their roles convincingly both in verbalization and emphasis. I realize these are presented by relic radio but their introduction and ending credits or a bit overlong and become tedious about halfway through the presentations. overall it is quite worth listening to and enjoying