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Adventures in crime, mystery, espionage and suspense! Relic Radio Thrillers delivers the ticking time bombs, mysterious crime scenes, and the cloak and dagger action that today's armchair adventurer demands!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


RRT181: The Murder by The Chase 30:52
RRT182: Delay On Route by Cloak And Dagger 30:51
RRT183: Nail Mr. Big Of The Bureau by Dangerous Assignment 25:32
RRT185: Case Of The Fabulous Formula Pt.1 by Counterspy 30:32
RRT186: Case Of The Fabulous Formula 2 by Counterspy 30:45
RRT187: Shadow On The Wall by Suspense 26:36
RRT188: Habit by Escape 30:43
RRT189: Henrik Potenoff Entry by Diary Of Fate 29:44
RRT190: Mr. Charles by Columbia Workshop 30:47
RRT191: The Man Who Died Twice by Man Called X 25:06
RRT192: King Solomans Mines 1:01:55
RRT193: Find Operation Hot Foot Microbes by Dangerous Assignment 29:41
RRT194: The Fugitive by Escape 30:53
RRT195: The Arrogant Arsonist by Counterspy 32:28
RRT196: The Brenner Pass Story by Cloak And Dagger 30:51
RRT197: One Must Die by Spycatcher 27:12
RRT198: The Red Forest by Escape 30:50
RRT199: The Black Of Diamonds by The Man Called X 30:53
RRT200: Find Eli Bryant American Traitor by Dangerous Assignment 25:08
RRT201: The Eyes Of Buddha by Cloak And Dagger 30:51
RRT202: Case Of The Hot Car Killer by Counterspy 32:22
RRT203: The Jail Break by The Chase 30:33
RRT204: Action In The North Atlantic by Lux Radio Theater 56:35
RRT205: Funeral Fires by Escape 30:00
RRT206: International Blackmail by Dangerous Assignment 30:08
RRT207: The Cruel Sea by Lux Radio Theater 53:07
RRT208: The Himmler Plates by The Man Called X 32:02
RRT209: Industral Spy Ring by Counterspy 32:09
RRT210: Night In Havana by Escape 30:55
RRT211: File 2218 by Cloak And Dagger 30:58
RRT212: Murderers Row by The Chase 30:35
RRT303: Backseat Driver by Suspense 31:00


this is great - thanks

(5 stars)


Nice Selection

(5 stars)

These were a lot like, "Suspense," for, well, Suspense. The stories and the actors were all very good. I have to look for more of these shows. Thank you for posting these four gems. addie