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Adventures in crime, mystery, espionage and suspense! Relic Radio Thrillers delivers the ticking time bombs, mysterious crime scenes, and the cloak and dagger action that today's armchair adventurer demands!

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


RRT135: Vienna Mystery by Dangerous Assignment 28:39
RRT136: Adv. Of The Hackensack Victory by The Adventures Of Frank Race 29:37
RRT137: Victor Wakemen by Diary Of Fate 28:10
RRT138: The Dark Mirror by Screen Guild Theater 31:10
RRT139: Dead Man by Bogart Presents 31:12
RRT140: The Birds by Escape 28:56
RRT141: Dutch Schultz by Suspense 29:58
RRT142: Strangers On A Train by Lux Radio Theater 57:27
RRT143: Back For Christmas by Suspense 31:22
RRT144: Seeds Of Doubt by Cloak And Dagger 29:50
RRT145: Missing Witness by The Man Called X 30:50
RRT146: Case Of The Murdered Confessor by Counterspy 29:53
RRT147: Operation Fleur de Lis by Escape 30:36
RRT148: Sorry Wrong Number by Suspense 31:14
RRT149: Country Of The Blind by Escape 30:41
RRT150: Recover Underwater Demolition Secrets by Dangerous Assignment 30:06
RRT151: Elliott Preston Framed For Murder by The Chase 30:46
RRT153: The Istanbul Adventure by The Adventures Of Frank Race 28:53
RRT154: Variations On A Theme by Suspense 32:25
RRT155: Sweepstakes Murder by Counterspy 31:42
RRT156: Yellow Wake by Escape 30:45
RRT157: My Dear Niece by Suspense 32:36
RRT158: All That Glitters by The Man Called X 28:23
RRT159: Night Train by Academy Award Theater 30:43
RRT160: The Airborne Adventure by Adventures Of Frank Race 29:05
RRT161: The Tyler White Entry by Diary Of Fate 29:24
RRT162: The Man Who Would Be King by Escape 30:50
RRT163: Statue Of Death by Counterspy 30:36
RRT164: The Seventeen Black by The Adventures Of Frank Race 29:17
RRT165: Calculated Risk by Hollywood Star Playhouse 30:36
RRT166: Recover The Krona Cutlass by Dangerous Assignment 30:14
RRT167: The Digger by Suspense 29:49
RRT168: Hound Of The Baskervilles by CBS Radio Mystery Theater 46:17
RRT170: Dirty Racket by The Man Called X 25:48
RRT171: War Of Words by Cloak And Dagger 30:56
RRT172: The Second Class Passenger by Escape 31:05
RRT173: Track Down The Ghost Ship by Dangerous Assignment 25:20
RRT174: The Big Clock by Screen Directors Playhouse 31:14
RRT175: Jeopardy by Lux Radio Theater 50:37
RRT176: The Man Without A Body by Suspense 31:09
RRT177: Recover Civil War Map by Dangerous Assignment 29:57
RRT178: The Case Of The Stolen Secret by Counterspy 31:07
RRT179: The Girl Who Couldnt Remember by The Man Called X 26:29
RRT180: Action by Escape 30:42