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Great stuff, but should it not be titled "The Human Adventure"?

(5 stars)

I've heard this titled "The Human Adventure", and on OTR collections often second hand titled "Science Magazine of the Air" maybe it's both! Either way " A new kind of program- Designed to acquaint you with the methods of science, the drama of research, and the findings of scholarship!" this are indeed educational, but a bit cheesy and you just have a feeling things weren't as exactly as dramatized in these programs. Scientific discoveries rarely the work of one renegade but a concerted effort of many men working simultaneously and often compartmentally. Scientists, inventors weren't often mocked for their rebellious new-fangled ways. Not all history is correct but it is always good to find! The audio on 1st episode is SO SHARP it is painful to listen at any volume. Some of the audio is not so great, some is just fine, but I had no difficulty making out the dialogue.

Its Raycist

(4.5 stars)

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