Screen Director's Playhouse

(4.4 stars; 14 reviews)

Complete set of available episodes for the old-time radio dramatic anthology series "Screen Director's Playhouse". Lost Episodes: #57 - Incendiary Blonde #73 - A Star is Born #75 - Cinderella

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



Stagecoach 29:55
Let's Live a Little 29:57
The Exile (Rehearsal) 26:46
The Exile 29:52
Mr and Mrs Smith 29:57
Hired Wife 29:57
Magnificent Obsession 29:56
The Prisoner of Zenda 29:56
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes 29:58
A Foreign Affair 59:41
You Were Meant for Me 29:56
The Perfect Marriage 29:58
Suddenly It's Spring 29:54
The Ghost Breakers 29:58
Music for Millions 29:45
The Best Years of Our Lives 29:56
The Sky's the Limit 29:50
The Trouble with Women 29:53
It's a Wonderful Life 29:45
Hold Back the Dawn 29:58
Her Husband's Affair 29:54
Trade Winds 29:58
The Killers 29:55
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House 29:50
The Big Clock 29:54
Yellow Sky 29:57
Casbah 29:48
Saigon 29:49
Fort Apache 29:50
Jezebel 29:46
Love Crazy 29:48
Appointment for Love 29:58
Apartment for Peggy 29:54
The Human Comedy 29:24
Whispering Smith 29:51
Don't Trust Your Husband 29:51
Pride of the Yankees 29:53
The Senator Was Indiscrete 29:47
Criss Cross 29:56
Pitfall 29:56
Love Letters 29:58
Remember the Night 29:55
Body and Soul 29:57
The Uninvited 29:49
Spiral Staircase 29:58
All My Sons 29:47
Call Northside 777 29:57
The Affairs of Susan 29:54
Miracle on 34th Street 29:57
One Way Passage 29:57
Magic Town 29:56
Tomorrow Is Forever 29:58
Mr Lucky 29:52
It Had to Be You 29:55
The Sea Wolf 29:56
This Thing Called Love 29:57
It's in the Bag 29:52
The Paleface 29:58
Portrait of Jenny 29:58
Champion 29:56
Chicago Deadline 29:57
The Dark Mirror 29:56
The Fighting O'Flynn 29:57
It Happens Every Spring 29:53
A Kiss in the Dark 29:55
Rope of Sand 29:57
When My Baby Smiles at Me 29:54
Butch Minds the Baby 29:58
Miss Grant Takes Richmond 29:57
Flamingo Road 25:19
She Wouldn't Say Yes 29:56
Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House 29:57
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers 29:23
Shadow of a Doubt 59:57
Lifeboat 59:57
Cluny Brown 59:57
Mrs Mike 59:58
My Favorite Wife 59:56
The Lady Gambles 59:56
Miracle on 34th Street 59:56
Alias Nick Beal 59:55
Prince of Foxes 59:34
Ivy 59:57
The Big Lift 59:54
Spellbound 59:57
Take a Letter, Darling 59:58
Lucky Jordan 59:57
Dark Victory 59:59
No Minor Vices 59:56
A Foreign Affair 59:57
Bachelor Mother 59:56
Thelma Jordan 59:58
The Great Lover 59:58
Next Time We Love 59:58
The Damned Don't Cry 59:58
Hired Wife 59:58
Humoresque 59:56
Jackpot 59:59
Captain from Castile 59:57
No Time for Love 59:30
Rogue's Regiment 59:53
Back Street 59:53
Beyond Glory 59:29
The Gunfighter 59:47
The GhostBreakers 29:36
DOA 59:35
The Lady Takes a Chance 59:41
Only Yesterday 59:53
The Fugitive 59:35
Remember the Night 59:51
Stairway to Heaven 59:37
Caged 59:57
Wuthering Heights 59:46
The Ghost and Mrs Muir 59:52
The Velvet Touch 59:52
Mother Was a Freshman 59:49
Broken Arrow 59:51
Raffles 59:54
No Man Of Her Own 59:50
Waterloo Bridge 59:35


Back In The Day

(5 stars)

Long before studios were concerned with making sure that their intellectual property was without reproach, there was a different attitude toward advertising their movies. Sure, spending an evening at the Picture Show was what might currently thought of as a night at the Opera. There was dinner, there was the show, along with shorts, newsreals, and the feature presentation. TV was just beginning to get it's legs at this point, but Radio was still king. And as such, the biggest stars of the Silver screen were asked to participate in these adaptations of their recent works for the listening pleasure of the audience in the comfort of their own home. Before recording devices, if you missed the show, you'd have to hear from friends or family that caught it what a wonderful story it was. And even if you did hear it, there was still that allure of the evening out that made you want to take your best girl to the show. Nowadays, we have the DVD's, we have the VCR's, we have the TiVo's. And advertising has changed. We can catch these films any time we really like. But, there still is the allure of being able to close your eyes, tilt your head back and imagine, yes imagine, the scene. No special effect can match those that you can make in your own imagination. And as such, the stories come alive in ways that the TV's and DVD's no longer allow them to. They're not quite as special as the once were, up on the screen. So take a journey, if you will, and maybe you might find a treasure in this list of presentations, some story you've never heard, or maybe a story you've seen a dozen times, they all take on that certain magic all over again. The Playhouse is a treasure that, for all practical purposes should have been lost to the ravages of time, yet, thanks to the folks here at the Internet Archive, it's been given a second chance to live on. Listen, imagine, wonder, relax, but most of all, enjoy yourself. Let your mind wander to a simpler time, when stories were not meant to do anything other than make you feel wonderful.

The Playhouse

(5 stars)

I enjoy listening to old time radio shows! There was such talent presented on the air waves. From the movie stars to the regular radio performers. Screen Director's Playhouse is right up there with the Lux Radio Theater in my book. It's a real pleasure to sit back, close my eyes and just listen and imagine the story. Thank the good Lord for the technology of today that helps us hear and appreciate the shows of yesterday. 😊


(0 stars)

Fantastic sound and production on "Shadow of a Doubt." I think my favorite, so far, is "The Gunfighter." I watched the filmed version 20 years ago and wasn't crazy about it, but the radio version was so good that it made me go back and watch it again. Turns out that both versions are great. :)

Condensed Movie

(2 stars)

Maybe I don't get the appeal of these because I didn't live in these times. I listened to Stagecoach, and it reminded me of what Reader's Digest did for the novel. In 30 minutes all they could do was hit the high points of the plot and the nuances got left by the wayside.

Cinderella Screen Director's Playhouse

(5 stars)

This was just one of the many great shows that was on the air and did a great time bring movies to the radio, but does anyone have the Cinderella episode? I have been trying to find it everywhere and have failed to find it.

Screen Director's Playhouse

(3 stars)

Reasonable i suppose but the 30 minute one's are to cropped if you know the story and Shadow of a doubt is nowhere near as good as the LUX version which has the original stars & ending which this one has for some reason changed

Just as good as Lux Radio Theater

(5 stars)

In my opinion Screen Director's Playhouse truly is just as good at Lux Radio's Theater. Top Three Matinee Theater Shows are 1. Lux Radio Theater/Screen Guild Theater (Tied) 2. Family Theater 3. Heartbeat Theater

Try It and See

(5 stars)

Try the "Shadow of a Doubt" for an introduction to this show. If you like that one, see what else they have to offer. One of the best of the playhouse-style shows.