The Smiths of Hollywood 28 Eps

(4.5 stars; 8 reviews)

(28 Episodes - 1 Audition & 27 EPs) "The Smiths of Hollywood," broadcast in 1947, was a 27 episode, syndicated, situation comedy. The successful audition took place September 20, 1946 and the program debuted January 10 1947. Final episode aired July 04, 1947. The comedic role of Uncle Cecil played to a "tea" by very British actor, Arthur Treacher. * Harry Von Zell & Brenda Marshall portray the nephew and the niece, Uncle Cecil moves in with. * Music was played by The Charles Hathaway Orchestra * Program announcer was Tyler McVey OTR * def gp ddh

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Great show, but one episode...

(5 stars)

I love this show, but episode #23 titled "The Date" has some serious issues. It sounds like a person fiddling with a tape recorder throughout the program. The original source material from which this recording was made appears to have been good quality, but the person making the recording from it just couldn't keep his hands off his recorder and the rattling and clumping and distorted audio (and even the person muttering to himself) keep coming back. It would be nice to have that quality recording re-recorded and re-posted here.