Spy Catcher

(4.6 stars; 25 reviews)

Old Time Radio Program Spy Catcher Enjoy!

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Intelligent intelligence procedural

(5 stars)

Intelligent, generally low-drama stories. No guns, no suave agents, no quirky plots or characters. Just clever, and not so clever, people trying to convince Lt. Col. Pinto that they are who they say they are. He must distinguish subterfuge and human weakness from heroism and banality. So far my favorite episode is Friend or Foe. If you're a Carleton Hobbs fan, I think he makes an appearance in The Infernal Triangle. If you like Spy Catcher's realism you might like the espionage drama The Sandbaggers.

Real Works

(5 stars)

The reason this programme is well liked is because it is NOT fiction. Col. Pinto was a real agent with PET and MI6. His specialty was seeing through axis spies via geography, detail and mistakes in legends. His brain was a copy of all the Baedeker Guides and The National Geographic. His trade-craft was deadly. I've remastered these. They need a lot of treble lift

First Class

(5 stars)

I was so glad to have found this series and I can't recommend it highly enough. Because it is based on real characters and events made it all the more absorbing and it didn't seem dated at all. Catching traitors and spies and how they went about discovering their true identities was a real eye opener. Many thanks for making it available.

Exciting Espionage Stories

(4 stars)

A BBC radio series, true stories from the memoirs of Oreste Pinto, Dutch counterintelligence officer. Set during and after WWII, most episodes centre around the interrogation by Pinto of one or more refugees who have escaped to England. Sound quality is good. Recommended!

Old time radio

(4 stars)

I used to love radio dramas. Have really enjoyed hearing them again on this set. Tried to give 5 stars, but the fifth one wouldn’t load. This was great. Thanks