Studio One

(4.5 stars; 3 reviews)

Complete set of available episodes for the radio anthology series "Studio One". Lost Episodes: #8 - Mysterious Mickey Finn #29 - Young Man of Manhattan #36 - Confidential Agent #37 - Wednesday's Child #41 - Golden Boy #51 - Pride and Prejudice #61 - Topaz

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(5 stars)

Studio One radio dramas were brilliantly produced and introduced by Fletcher Markle and beautifully acted by such stars as Geraldine Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Madeline Carroll, Charles Laughton, and Gene Kelly with an equally great ensemble of featured players such as Mercedes McCambridge, Everett Sloane, Hester Sondergaard, and Hedley Rennie. This is unquestionably the finest quality in outstanding Forties radio programs--right up there with the Lux Radio Theatre and Screen Directors' Playhouse. Favorite episodes are "Earth and High Heaven," "To Mary with Love," "Dodsworth," "The Barretts of Wimpole Street," and "A Bill of Divorcement." Listen and enjoy them all--these episodes are to be savored!

Great anthology

(4 stars)

I'm pretty picky about dramatic anthology series. I find the movie-ones uninteresting. This one, I think, did a greater service to the properties than average. I've only heard about six but I've been consistently drawn in and held for the full presentation. Even as esteemed a series as Mercury Theater has been hard-pressed to hold my attention (albeit, they did try some things that were rather more difficult or daring). Also, so far, the files I've heard from this set have been very good quality.

Whatta Load

(0 stars)

Holy Smokes.... 1.5 gig and still loading. Maybe this would be a good candidate for subdivision into 650Meg Pages? Havn't had a chance yet to review the content of the broadcasts but as it is from the 40's AFTER the war I have high expectations. Noah 8-?

Payment Deferred

(0 stars)

The 8 July 1947 broadcast of "Payment Deferred" with Everett Sloane and Agnes Moorehead is missing. The file present is a mislabeled duplicate of the 25 November 1947 revival broadcast with Charles Laughton and Hester Sondergaard. Is the true Moorehead/Sloane broadcast available somewhere?