Tarzan And The Fires Of Tohr

(4.1 stars; 46 reviews)

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Tarzan Destroys Another Civilization

(3 stars)

Tarzan on the radio sounds like a pretty bad idea. As depicted in the movies, Tarzan does not have much to say, and his appeal is his sheer physicality, his wordless battles with the animal kingdom, and the menace of warlike native communities(who do not speak English) But this Tarzan talks like Dudley Do-Right, and this serial involves Tarzan's rescue of a lost safari, and his encounter with one of those English-speaking lost cities that both Burroughs and H. Ryder Haggard used to love to put in their books. So much of the action is political and involves a lot of the conniving and shifting personal interactions that we tend to associate with the soap opera today. The result is a generally good listen that I would, nonetheless keep away from the kids. This serial is more infested than usual with a lot of implicit and explicit racism. Unusually for this type of drama, though, the Bad Girl Queen of Tohr is rather boring, and the interesting character is the shady asian scholar who talks like Charlie Chan, and plots like Ceasar Borgia.


(3 stars)

very captivating I could'nt stop listening once I started... Only victory cry not familar with

amazing except Tarzan's cries was not how it should sound.

(3.5 stars)

not bad

(3.5 stars)

tarzan doesn't yell like that or say tarmangani.