The Sealed Book OTR

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Old Time Radio Programs, The Sealed Book

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The first episode is a Zero Hour episode.

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Rod Serling wasn't doing radio in 1945.... He was in the army.

Syndicated horror antology

(4 stars)

The Sealed Book was co-scripted by Robert A. Arthur and David Kogan, both of whom wrote the Mysterious Traveler scripts. Arthur also wrote the 15 minute Strange Dr. Weird series. All three were heard on the Mutual network circa 1945. The Sealed Book was a syndicated series with openings at the beginning, middle and ending for local commercials. This series usually was sold to independent stations which used local advertising. The ironic thing about this program was its' time slot: 10:30 on Sunday evenings, a time reserved for more family type entertainment.

A great overlooked horror / mystery series

(5 stars)

I really liked this series - so much, I had to listen to them one after the other! It's a shame it was a short series. I love finding obscure gems like these :)