Wild Bill Hickok

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First Show 24:35
The Missouri Kid 24:24
The Case of the Unlucky Seven 24:20
An Outlaw's Revenge 24:23
The Red Wagon Jinx 24:27
A Cave at Careful Smith's Mine 24:26
A Outlaw's Bargain 24:09
A Charge on Devil's Mountain 24:30
The Road Agents of Red Rock 24:06
The Shadow Hill Gang 24:20
The Confidence Game 24:51
Press for Justice 24:46
Warpath or Peace 24:23
The Secret of Arroyo Diablo 24:28
Ghost Town Gold 24:27
The Trail of Death 24:31
Trail Herd Trouble 24:36
A Dangerous Wedding 24:25
The Fury of Savage River 24:33
Mixed Brands 24:23
Four Aces for Death 25:14
The Mysterious Fist 27:09
The Range War 24:28
Logging 25:11
White Fury 24:36
A Blind Trail 24:37
The Men Who Didn't Come Back 24:26
Mission in Alamogordo 24:12
The Mystery of the Five Deadly Double Eagles 24:36
Bad Medicine at Dry Gulch 24:34
The Vengeance Trail 24:37
The Voice of Echo Canyon 24:30
The Gold Maker 24:15
The Red Trunk Riddle 24:25
The Challenge of Sentinel Ridge 24:30
Wyatt Foster's Secret 25:40
The Wheels of Doom 24:57
Sir Tommy, the Silver Knight 25:16
The Dead of Winter 28:12
Legacy of Death 23:42
The Shawnee Raid 25:54
The Two-Faced Horny Toad 24:18
The Forged Fire 23:43
Secret of the Hard Luck Mine 23:20
Revenge of Red Man 23:41
The Mark of a Killer 24:18
Dark Horse Candidate 24:16
Gunsmoke Pass 24:52
A Trail of Vengeance 25:22
The Treasure of the Old Number Nine 24:49
The River Boat Killer 24:23
The Mysterious Bell Ringer 24:24
Gunsmoke and Violet 24:33
Buckshot's Victory 24:40
The Flame Riders 24:42
Fightin' the Bits 24:37
Phantom of the Gold Circle 24:17
Thunder on the Plain 24:18
Big John and Little Mike 24:20
Death at Sunset Trail 24:57
Battle at Bear Creek 25:08
Pettigrew's Prize Pig 24:00
Jokes and Gunsmoke 24:33
The Wild Miller of Payute Falls 24:25
A Shot in the Dark 25:34
Rescue at Salvation Falls 24:42
The Monstrous Toothache 24:25
Thunder and Lightning 24:21
A Snap for Snooper 24:29
The Secret of Sandy Hook 24:33
Deadlock at Silver Site 24:02
Bullets at the Silver Bell 24:28
A Hornet's Nest 24:40
Jingles, the Ladies' Man 24:24
The Black Canyon Gang 24:32
Alkali Justice 23:48
Two Plus Two 23:42
The Champion of Farro Flats 24:14
Bandits of Badwater Country 24:20
Shotgun Swindle 24:14
The Rawhide Whip 25:23
Whine of a Saw 23:03
The Du Caine Revenge 24:13
Baron of the Badlands 24:15
The Daring of Digby Dean 23:35
Letter of Warning 24:17
The Sunny Side Scrap 24:33
The Secret of Mile High Rock 24:16
The Queen of Quantrills 24:18
Mayor of Mule Mesa 24:12
A Vicious Joke 24:26
Wolf at Ghost Mountain 24:13
Jingles' Birthday 24:32
One More to Get 24:23
The Secret of the Iron Door 24:41
The Terrible Cook 24:30
The Mark of the Claw 24:38
A Dangerous Vacation 24:48
The Jaws of the Law 24:26
The Trap at Pistol Springs 24:38
Madmen of Moon Mountain 24:15
The Gunman's Brand 24:22
Wild Bill's Double Trouble 24:28
The Treasure Map War 24:30
Old Red's Revenge 24:26
Hang Town Jail 24:35
WBH 521205 - The Tinkers' Rev 24:42
War Drums and the Princess 24:38
The Tinker's Revenge 24:50
Joke Book Bandits 24:36
Delta Belle Hijack 24:47
Rustlers of Rattlesnake Bend 25:05
The Ruins of Black Canyon 24:35
The Stranger 24:45
Jingles Settles Down 25:48
Two Gun Justice 20:49
Wagon Train for Tombstone 20:24
Danny's Big Ride 24:19
Windmill on the River 24:10
The Voice in Hawkin's Well 20:17
The Guns of Grandpa Grainger 25:00
Blood Money 24:09
The Capture of Trader Joe 20:43
The Colorado Killer 21:27
The Trail of the Grizzly Bear 22:00
Phantom Rustlers 21:47
The Grass Valley Swindle(op says 'Half Pint Outlaw' but story is right) 21:15
Death on the Desert 21:40
Timothy Dolan's Last Stand 21:19
Big Welcome at Shady Rest 21:13
The Gun Belt Treasure 21:26
The Killer of Candy Flat 20:38
Hand of Death 27:29
Struggle for the Main Divide 20:51
Dodge City or Bust 20:35
Cry of a Killer 24:41
Carnival of Danger 24:33
Jingles to the Rescue 24:45
Coyote Kid's Return 29:49
Broken Wheel Grade 24:57
Tarnished Gold 22:50
The Big Clean-Up 24:29
Wild Horse Mesa 21:12
The Trail to Dead Rock 21:04
The Trail of the Killer Wolf 21:21
One Man Rule 24:51
The Cash in Bat Wing Cave 24:08
Half-Pint Outlaw 20:58
Wild Bill's New Deputy 26:01
Grandpa Rides Again 25:05
The Ten Minute Mayor 24:24
The Ten Minute Mayor 21:17
One Fresh Onion 24:53
Little Lady in Distress 24:47
A Day of Danger 24:58
The Whining Arrow 24:06
The Battle of Buzzard Lake 24:05
The Little Dude 24:49
The Rocks of Rawhide Canyon 24:37
The Fabulous Wind Wagon 24:25
River of Death 24:40
Teller's Gold 25:17
A Dirtied Shirt 25:14
The Red Skull 24:53
The Green Valley Feud 25:03
Daylight Dan 25:39
A Land Office Business 24:53
The Lucky Stampede 25:05
The Thundercloud 20:59
The House on Windy Hill 25:57
Aunt Sarah's Gunfight 25:40
Gundown Tunnel 25:13
A Trap for Wild Bill 25:22
Riverboat to Saint Jo 25:13
Shotgun Gang 25:21
Tucson Terror 24:56
Dangerous Round-Up 24:58
Poison for Wild Bill 25:33
Pedro the Poet 25:23
Six-Gun Thunder 25:29
Bullets at Iron Mountain 25:34
Double Action Danger 25:07
The Hermit of Split Rock Canyon 25:08
The High Tone Stranger 25:19
Two Little Buckaroos 25:31
Silk Hat Hogan's Donkey 25:05
Nobeard's Treasure 25:18
Seven Silver Bullets 24:46
A Tangled Rope 24:57
The Walking Double-X 25:39
The Gunsmoke Blockade 25:30
Bad Medicine 25:08
Boot Hill Special 25:06
Bullets in the Blizzard 24:49
Tuffy Tombstone 25:04
The Phantom of Gun Valley 25:08
Eight Hundred Feet Down 25:11
The Case of the Dead Man's Dollar 24:43
Twenty Dollar Rainstorm 25:40
Race for the Border 25:18
One Wrong Bullet 24:37
Peter Periwinkle Jones 24:57
Danger Down the River 25:22
A Letter of Warning 24:17
Bullets from Nowhere 25:31
Bank Books and Hot Heads 25:15
The Blue Valley Rustlers 25:22
The Buffalo Robe 25:06
Guns Across the Border 25:29
The Beef Racket 25:20
Big Tom the Outlaw 25:26
The Rattler 25:32
The Fury of the Wind 25:33
Pop Skinner's Green Dragon 24:48
Trigger Money 25:19
Sheriff Sadie Blake 24:43
Wires to the West 25:01
Livin' Lightning 25:07
The Trap at Pistol Springs 24:38
High Pressure Killers 24:57
Trigger Treachery 25:11
The Missing Reporter 25:23
Grandpa and the Dynamite 24:11
The Telltale Scar 24:51
Little Man with the Gun 24:48
Log Thief 25:06
Dangerous Advice 26:11
The Rimrock Rainmaker 25:28
Stone Valley Sheep War 25:17
A Long Shadow 25:03
The Frozen Desert 25:19
The Voo Doo of Fiddler's Bend 25:49
The Stranger 24:45
Lanky Joe 25:33
Trail of the Cougar 24:45
Satan at the Circus 24:42
The Monster in the Cave 24:52
Runaway Buckboard 24:48
The Bellson Boys 25:46
The Ride to Crossbone Valley 25:17
Red Measles and Black Death 25:03
The Highest Bidder 24:52
Rustlers' Reckoning 25:13
The Old Hometown 25:25
Grandpa Granger's Train Ride 25:13
The Honest Swindler 25:32
A Message from the Sun 24:56
The Timber Trail 25:08
Wild Bill's Birthday 25:14
The Shadow of Hangman's Tree 25:06
Born Mean 25:14
Six Gun Serenade 25:03
Deadlock at Big Run 25:03
Gunsmoke on the Triple-X 24:58
Return of the Phantom 17:53
Two Way Take 25:14
Mighty Dangerous Laughter 25:05
The Thirty-Five Caliber Killer 24:54
Miss Petty's Predicament 24:50
The Rocks of Black Hill 25:11
Ridin' for a Fall 23:38
A Shiny Silver Star 25:00
Silver Dollar Revenge 25:11
Shortcut to Danger 25:31
Happy New Year 24:57


love all the shamus shows and westerns...

(5 stars)


(5 stars)

interesting and realistic! wild bill's a real hero!

Very interesting and exciting

(4.5 stars)

I love the stories very much. Seems to me there ain’t an outlaw that Wild Bill can’t catch and there ain’t a door Jingles can’t smash through🤪.I like everything very much though I don’t really appreciate the interruptions mostly of Kelloggs cereals. Else wise very impressing and exciting.

Wild Bill Hickock

(5 stars)

I just loved the story about Wild Bill Hickock. I wish there more like that!

Buckle up!!!😀

(5 stars)

Buckle up for a wild ride with Bill and Jingles!! Thoroughly exhilarating!!!!!

(5 stars)

This story is great and very funny and interesting

I love Bill and Jingles

(5 stars)

my favorite

Wish I were alive back then to hear these shows live.

(5 stars)

can you imagine the family sitting around the radio every week