WWII News and Related Sound files from 1938

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Old Time Radio Programs. WWII News and Related Sound files from 1938

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on National Health 0:43
Speaks On US Neutrality 9:15
1938-02-03 NBCB March Of Time 28:48
1938-02-10 NBCB March Of Time 28:36
Speaks During National Defense Week 5:15
On Russia And Germany 5:28
On World Events 14:22
Resignation Of Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg 1:47
Announces Austrian Anschluß 9:29
Proklamation Hitlers zum Anschluß Österreichs 2:29
Anschluß - German Armies Cross Into Austria 22:28
Welcomes Austria Into Reich 0:17
Am Heldenplatz, Anschluß Österreichs 0:39
To The Royal Academy Of Arts 1:47
Farewell To Adolf Hitler Who Leaves For Italy 1:08
German Troops At The Border 8:25
Düsseldorfer Reichsmusiktagen 3:13
In Berlin Before Invasion 4:57
On Munich Conference 8:19
Prepares For War 1:04
Appeals For Calm And Peace 11:26
Czechoslovakia Declares Martial Law 5:57
Gives Ultimatum To Benes 3:06
Offers To Meet Hitler 0:24
War Of Words 4:52
Refutes German & Hungarian Propoganda 1:59
Speech Of Milan Hodza, Czech Premier 12:24
On The Brink Of War Over Sudetenland 9:41
On German Claims To Sudetenland 3:03
Thanks Mr Chamberlain 0:16
On Czech Crisis 1:28
1938-09-27 NBC Fred Bates Reporting 9:54
Before Munich Conference 0:37
Just After Munich Conference 0:25
On His Return From Munich 1:09
On Big Four Meeting In Munich 5:01
Occupation Of Sudetenland 0:27
We Must Arm 4:17
On The Realisation Of His Rearmament Program 1:52
1938-xx-xx God Bless You Mr. Chamberlain 0:39
1938-xx-xx IBC Radio Normandie 9:03
Russia And Germany 5:27
380313 CBS World News Roundup. 22:28
Berlin before Invasion 4:57



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While I've been a user of this site for sometime, I've never thought to listen to any of the 'Olde Time Radio' files from the "Golden Age of Radio". My Grandmother had a set of cassettes that had several different programs: 'The Shadow'; 'Abbott & Costello', as well as various news "flashes" of stories - what's called "Breaking News" today - and often fell asleep listening. After watching 'The American Experience' episode on the anniversary of Orson Wells' "The War of The Worlds" I did a search for the original broadcast and, of course, this site was the one I came to. You know the rest of the story: once I listened to the program in it's entirety - my first time, by the way - I was once again hooked on listening to an era of which I sometimes wished I had lived in, where families from coast to coast gathered round the radio every night. That being said (sorry for the book, here... ) this current set of files I'm listening is first-rate, five star entertainment and is very satisfying to my soul in some strange way. Well done!

Great archive... But Lindbergh speech is from 1941

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The speech is given a date of "1938-00-00" but a search on a bit of the text locates it as being from September 11, 1941. "Charles Lindbergh's speech to an America First rally, September 11, 1941" Found it - as titled above - on the http://everything2.com/ site

Duplicate broadcast

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1938-03-04 MBS Raymond Graham Swing On Russia And Germany.mp3 is a partial and poor copy of 1938-03-04 MBS Raymond Graham Swing On World Events.mp3

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Another good item

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Very nice snippets of historical value.