A Prefect's Uncle

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(4.1 stars; 53 reviews)

The action of the novel takes place at the fictional "Beckford College", a private school for boys; the title alludes to the arrival at the school of a mischievous young boy called Reginald Farnie, who turns out to be the uncle of the older "Bishop" Gethryn, a prefect, cricketer and popular figure in the school. His arrival, along with that of another youngster, Wilson, who becomes fag to Gethryn, leads to much excitement and scandal in the school, and the disruption of some important cricket matches. - Summary by Wikipedia (4 hr 29 min)


Term Begins 16:13 Read by Madame Tusk
Introduces an Unusual Uncle 12:28 Read by KevinS
The Uncle Makes Himself at Home 17:45 Read by Rita Boutros
Pringle Makes a Sporting Offer 17:11 Read by Rita Boutros
Farnie Gets Into Trouble 17:17 Read by Rita Boutros
and Stays There 16:56 Read by Rita Boutros
The Bishop Goes For a Ride 13:34 Read by KevinS
The M.C.C. Match 17:48 Read by KevinS
The Bishop Finishes His Ride 12:23 Read by ChadH94
In Which a Case is Fully Discussed 13:26 Read by Buchernarr
Poetry and Stump-cricket 14:28 Read by KevinS
'We, the Undersigned' 15:10 Read by KevinS
Leicester's House Team Goes Into a Second Edition 11:32 Read by KevinS
Norris Takes a Short Holiday 16:01 Read by KevinS
Versus Charchester (at Charchester) 14:46 Read by KevinS
A Disputed Authorship 15:25 Read by KevinS
The Winter Term 12:55 Read by Sophia Gannaoui
The Bishop Scores 13:48 Read by KevinS


pretty good

(4 stars)

there were a few terms that someone who's not into cricket will not understand... The constant changing of the voices took some getting used to. over all, thumbs up:)

Cricket Overload

(3 stars)

I've read a few British public school books, so I'm not entirely unfamiliar with the type of customs and ethics practiced. The problem with this book is that there is so much cricket description and play-by-play that I don't have the background for. On the plus side, most of the narrators are good to excellent. (But Dido is pronounced 'dye - doe )

(3 stars)

The quality of the multiple readers tended to vary - but I could follow the story.

good read

(3.5 stars)

heavy on cricket terms but enjoyable