"Boy" The Wandering Dog

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Another 'dog's-eye view' book for children by this early activist for the American Humane Society. In this tale, we follow the travels and adventures of Boy, a loveable and loyal wire-haired fox-terrier in city and country. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (9 hr 13 min)


I Seek and Find a Friend 14:14 Read by Lynne T
I Lose My Friend 20:42 Read by VfkaBT
I Find A Second Friend 15:36 Read by VfkaBT
My New Master 15:34 Read by BettyB
An Old Friend, and an Adventure 9:07 Read by Lynne T
Beanie Loses his Home 18:51 Read by Lynne T
The Woman by the River 6:08 Read by Lynne T
Stanna and Napoleon 15:20 Read by Lynne T
I Meet Gringo Again 10:31 Read by Twinkle
Master Gets Two Shocks 20:55 Read by Irene Renee
Napoleon and the Wasp 42:11 Read by Irene Renee
The Great Secret 42:27 Read by Irene Renee
The Lady Gay Cat 12:26 Read by mbm0rxi
His Mother's Boy 15:11 Read by mbm0rxi
Poor Amarilla 25:27 Read by Deon Gines
To Love or Not to Love the Country 6:48 Read by Twinkle
The Arrival of the Twins 17:07 Read by Lynne T
The Showman's Dogs 15:36 Read by mbm0rxi
Good King Harry 10:43 Read by Twinkle
The Reformed Showman 18:59 Read by mbm0rxi
Master Carty's Bottle 26:24 Read by mbm0rxi
Mrs. Waverlee's School 14:35 Read by Tony Oliva
Master's Brother-Boys 25:24 Read by larryhayes7
Sir Edward Medlington 26:27 Read by mbm0rxi
The Boy Montmorency 21:10 Read by BettyB
The Most Painful Event of my Life 12:08 Read by Catalino Rodriguez
Weary Days and a Rescue 34:01 Read by Maria Kasper
The Happiest Time of my Life 14:44 Read by Twinkle
My Own Dear Home 24:58 Read by Twinkle


Boy The wandering dog

(5 stars)

Great book , I'd love to hear it all. I am sick and in pain and listening helps me so much !

(5 stars)

Wow! This is a great story for dog lovers!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you LibriVox readers!

I love this book, but...

(5 stars)

It has to many readers!!! Still, it's a great book