Four-Fifty Miles to Freedom

Read by Kevin Green

(4.8 stars; 66 reviews)

Four-Fifty Miles to Freedom is the true but little known story of the escape of eight British Prisoners-of-War from a Turkish POW camp during the First World War. The story, written by two of the escapees, describes their life in the various POW camps in Turkey in which they were moved around, and then their well-planned and executed escape from the camp at Yozgad. They were then faced with a trek of over three hundred miles across arid deserts, and a mountain range, constantly searching for water, all the while attempting to avoid detection by soldiers and the local population. A further 120 miles of hostile ocean faced them when eventually reaching the coast before they eventually set foot on friendly soil. A 'boys own' story of derring-do and survival against all odds. A must listen-to story! Summary by Kevin Green (6 hr 51 min)


Preface - Prisoner of War 2:15 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 1 - Kastamoni to Changri 15:56 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 2, Part 1 - First Plans for Escape 17:27 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 2, Part 2 - First Plans for Escape 16:31 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 3 - An Attempt that Failed 22:18 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 4, Part 1 - Yozgad Camp 20:06 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 4, Part 2 - Yozgad Camp 18:49 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 5, Part 1 - The Flag Falls 17:50 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 5, Part 2 - The Flag Falls 18:21 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 6, The Peaceful Shepherds 22:13 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 7 - Recaptured? 20:51 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 8, Part 1 - The Ancient Halys 13:39 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 8, Part 2 - The Ancient Halys 13:28 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 9 - A Retreat Under Fire 23:32 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 10 - The Three Huns 26:29 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 11 - In the Heart of the Taurus 21:48 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 12, Part 1 - Down to the Sea 15:51 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 12, Part 2 - Down to the Sea 16:08 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 13, Part 1 - On the Coast 16:10 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 13, Part 2 - On the Coast 12:18 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 14, Part 1 - Failure and Success 17:01 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 14, Part 2 - Failure and Success 17:13 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 15 - Freedom 20:47 Read by Kevin Green
Chapter 16 - Conclusion 4:24 Read by Kevin Green


Screening Readers

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For the record, we don't assign readers to projects. Readers choose for themselves what they want to record. We don't worry about accents, as long as the reader is understandable to native speakers of the language they want to record in. For more information on our reader screening non-policy, see here: (the "no unsolicited criticism" policy applies to the LibriVox forum, not to the Internet Archive pages).

wow and I don't even use Librivox regularly

(5 stars)

I personally have sworn off Librivox after a miserable experience with it (they've some really, really bad readers.. I mean, so bad you wonder how they were permitted to even READ for them) but, sometimes you pull out a diamond and this is one: Number one, it's read by an English? Aus? reader, as you'd imagine the author to sound. So realistic! What a happy marriage, this reader with this book. I found this through a link from the written title on archive, so thought hm what the heck- let's listen: totally worth it- this way, you can "read" in bed or even while driving. Good job for Librivox on THIS one. What put me off of Librivox (until now) was one title, author also an English gentleman but read by a female (it mattered in that particular title very much) who not only had an incomprehensible accent, but she mumbled so badly! and- spoke very rapidly! Can you imagine trying to decipher A) heavy accent B) mumbling C) fast-talking? the female reader was SO inappropriate for that one title (which shall go un-named here) it was simply baffling. Having a (late) Eastern European elderly relative (RIP harry), I would've been able to understand anything. Dear Librivox: screen your readers BETTER. Use guys like this one more often- and no heavily accented readers unless their accent may match with the author- as it may lend authenticity to the title, just like THIS wonderful one. Thank you As to the comment about the God who put the author in that situation- God cannot force man to do *anything* we're given Free Will, man often does the opposite of what God recommends- otherwise God would have created robots and not thinking, loving, humans. God feels pity on us, just as we would with our own children, but God allows things to happen TO us, he does not "make" them happen. As with all things, we are to Thank Him, as that is what He wants from us. Graciousness. That is what the author is stating in this book- his grace imparted to him by Providence.

Exciting Memoir

(5 stars)

I very much enjoyed this book. The hardship and obstacles the 8 men overcame were tremendous. And the fact that they stuck together even when it seemed it would be better to abandon the injured is quite amazing. The reader was excellent; recording quality also excellent. Regarding the previous reviewer's confusion as to why thank God when God put them in the situation to begin with: They were protected throughout. And God doesn't guarantee that we won't go through hardship. Which is more amazing: that God would prevent them from being captured, or that God would lead and provide for them through such hardship when they escaped?

An Excellent Book

(5 stars)

The reader was very good and easy to understand. The entire true story told in this book was done so in a manner that kept me wanting more from the preface to the last page. Everyone should read this book especially if you're interested in history. This book should be made into a movie imo as it is that good.

Prisoners of war

(4 stars)

The book is full of interesting events during the process of escaping from a Turkish prison. At the end of the book the authors thank their Christian god for helping them in the escape. This is quite ashtonishing since it must have been the same god who allowed them to become prisoners of war.

Intrepid POWs and their ordeal

(5 stars)

This should be a must listen as the story is recounted by English POWs and their attempt to escape from Turkish captivity during WW1. The narrator is exceptional and his voice matches that of our British heroes. thank you to the narrator for a fine job!! tom from Idaho USA.

Unusual History of WW1

(4.5 stars)

Very well written and very well read version of a few men who escaped captivity and trekked through the desert, heat, hunger, thirst and dealing with other cultures and languages. Very good all around.

Four Fifty miles to freedom

(5 stars)

Exceptional day by day life in Turkish POW camp and the day by day life of 8 British POW’s and their amazing escape.