A Wodehouse Miscellany

Read by Kevin McAsh

(4.4 stars; 174 reviews)

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was an English comic writer who enjoyed enormous popular success for more than seventy years. Best known today for the Jeeves and Blanding Castle novels and short stories, Wodehouse was also a talented playwright and lyricist who was part author and writer of fifteen plays and of 250 lyrics for some thirty musical comedies. (excerpts from Wikipedia) (3 hr 0 min)


Some Aspects Of Game-Captaincy 3:59 Read by Kevin McAsh
An Unfinished Collection 4:06 Read by Kevin McAsh
The New Advertising 2:37 Read by Kevin McAsh
The Secret Pleasures Of Reginald 4:40 Read by Kevin McAsh
My Battle With Drink 7:52 Read by Kevin McAsh
In Defense Of Astigmatism 6:47 Read by Kevin McAsh
Photographers And Me 5:10 Read by Kevin McAsh
A Plea For Indoor Golf 3:40 Read by Kevin McAsh
The Alarming Spread Of Poetry 6:06 Read by Kevin McAsh
My Life As A Dramatic Critic 5:00 Read by Kevin McAsh
The Agonies Of Writing A Musical Comedy 9:49 Read by Kevin McAsh
On The Writing Of Lyrics 5:51 Read by Kevin McAsh
The Past Theatrical Season 5:03 Read by Kevin McAsh
Damon And Pythias: A Romance 3:28 Read by Kevin McAsh
The Haunted Tram 2:27 Read by Kevin McAsh
When Papa Swore In Hindustani 12:18 Read by Kevin McAsh
Tom, Dick, And Harry 17:17 Read by Kevin McAsh
Jeeves Takes Charge 42:42 Read by Kevin McAsh
Disentangling Old Duggie 31:08 Read by Kevin McAsh



(5 stars)

One runs out of adjectives trying to laud the humor of PGW. Everyone should enjoy this varied collection as pokes fun at various persons and institutions, including himself. The reading is very well done, with just the correct amount of tongue-in-cheek voice inflection.

(4 stars)

The oldman reviewer said it perfectly. This is a witty collection of sayings & stories. If you want to read something with a central theme then this isn't what you should be picking. I listened before bed when I prefer something like this & short stories. I love Wodehouse.


(3.5 stars)

I liked this book well read and I just seen it as Wodehouse writing about different subjects and events in a short story form. Very well read and I enjoyed it. Thanks to Kevin McAsh for a great reading. Enjoy!

one of my favorites

(5 stars)

What a versatile writer One of my favorite readers Totally enjoyed

Wodehouse is a master! He employs words with tremendous skill.

(5 stars)

(4 stars)

Good enough Wodehouse; very good reader.


(2 stars)

I love PG Wodehouse, but this wasn't my type of hype, it reads like a diary, rambling all over the place. Don't get me wrong, I like a good bit of anecdote, and Wodehouse's dry wit is present in each chapter, but it didn't capture my attention, the subjects were just too different from each other. Reading was good, no complaints, I just didn't like the book, it needed a theme to tie it together.