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Elizabeth, Princess Bibesco, was an English writer and socialite. The daughter of a British Prime Minister and the wife of a Romanian aristocrat, she drew on her experience in British high society in her work. Her talent is the compression into a few phrases of all the details of a situation, into a few pages the hopes and failures of a lifetime. These (very) short stories explore in a few precise phrases the hopes of newlyweds, the emotions of a widow, and all aspects of life between! (Summary by Wikipedia and Beth Thomas) (3 hr 58 min)


Haven 15:46 Read by Beth Thomas (1974-2020)
Two Paris Episodes: The Story of a Coat, Balloons. 8:51 Read by Jennifer Fournier
Courtship 2:00 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
''Do you remember...?'' 9:25 Read by Ryan Fry
The Martyr 33:00 Read by Tony Addison
A Motor 9:05 Read by Doc Willett
The Masterpiece 12:55 Read by David Olson
Tea Time 13:08 Read by Jacquelyn Bengfort
The End 7:31 Read by JudyDerby
Misunderstood 13:23 Read by heeheekitty
Counterpoint 13:37 Read by Doc Willett
Villegiatura 44:26 Read by heeheekitty
Auld Lang Syne 22:09 Read by heeheekitty
Two Taxi Drives: Sunshine, Lamps. 10:25 Read by Doc Willett
A Touch of Spring 9:45 Read by JudyDerby
Fido and Ponto 13:26 Read by Doc Willett