Short Poetry Collection 166

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

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This is a collection of 36 poems read by LibriVox volunteers for March 2017. (2 hr 20 min)


Brennu-Njáls saga: The Woof Of War from Chapter 156 3:13 Read by Hatton43
A College Breakfast Party 46:12 Read by Josh Mitteldorf
Dirge from Cymbaline (Act 4, Scene 2) 1:34 Read by Winston Tharp
The Dryad 3:18 Read by Tomas Peter
Egil’s saga: Sona Torrek (Son’s Loss) from Chapter 81 5:59 Read by Hatton43
Eurydice to Orpheus 0:54 Read by Newgatenovelist
Farewell, My Home 3:00 Read by Sonia
Finis 0:54 Read by Amelia Chesley
The Four Zoas (excerpt) 4:56 Read by Craig Campbell
The Gates of Life 9:14 Read by Bruce Kachuk
In Summertime on Bredon 1:44 Read by Winston Tharp
It Rains 1:11 Read by Tomas Peter
Lakeland Once More 2:42 Read by Sonia
The Lover Speaks 1:00 Read by Amelia Chesley
A Minor Prophet 17:32 Read by Josh Mitteldorf
Mothers of Men 3:00 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Mowing 1:13 Read by Winston Tharp
The Negro Speaks of Rivers 1:07 Read by Kirby Wheatland
No Coward Soul is Mine 1:35 Read by KyoBlanchett
Old Ironsides 1:07 Read by Esther Kamas
On a stupendous leg of granite 1:18 Read by Newgatenovelist
Peter the Wag 4:10 Read by Tomas Peter
Poem V 3:16 Read by Hatton43
The Ruined Maid 1:59 Read by PatsyAnn
She comes as comes the summer night 2:49 Read by Newgatenovelist
Song by King Charles II 1:14 Read by Sonia
Song of Margaret 2:18 Read by Ian King
Sonnet to Evening 1:12 Read by RedPanda
Spring 1:17 Read by Ian King
Steamboats, Viaducts, and Railways 1:06 Read by RedPanda
Sudden Light 1:15 Read by Ian King
The Thunderstorm 1:53 Read by RedPanda
To a Woman 2:07 Read by Bruce Kachuk
To Milton 1:03 Read by KyoBlanchett
To Night. From the Same 1:05 Read by KyoBlanchett
Vagabond Song 0:58 Read by Kirby Wheatland