Behind the Green Door

Read by Cheryl Adam

(4.7 stars; 201 reviews)

Penny Parker is a teen-aged sleuth and amateur reporter with an uncanny knack for uncovering and solving unusual, sometimes bizarre mysteries. The only daughter of widower Anthony Parker, publisher of the "Riverview Star," Penny has been raised to be self-sufficient, outspoken, innovative, and extraordinarily tenacious. Her cheerful, chatty manner belies a shrewd and keenly observant mind. Penny was the creation of Mildred A. Wirt, who was also the author of the original Nancy Drew series (under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene). Wirt became frustrated when she was pushed to "tone down" Nancy Drew and make her less independent and daring. With Penny Parker, Wirt had a freer hand and received full credit. Wirt once said, " 'I always thought Penny Parker was a better Nancy Drew than Nancy is."

In BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR, the Parkers' long-planned trip to the Pine Top ski resort for the Christmas holiday is upset when the "Riverview Star" is sued for libel. Publisher Anthony Parker remains behind to deal with the crisis while Penny is sent to Pine Top. There, she encounters multiple mysteries, including an elderly recluse who keeps his granddaughter a prisoner in his remote cabin and the unexplained presence of a reporter from a rival newspaper. Worse, the man suing the "Star" also shows up in Pine Top. Penny's nose for news combined with her penchant for dare-devil skiing soon land her in the middle of a dangerous tangle she must unravel to save both the "Star" and the ski resort. - Summary by Cheryl Adam (4 hr 36 min)


Trouble for Mr. Parker 15:33 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Rival Reporter 12:01 Read by Cheryl Adam
Traveling Companions 11:51 Read by Cheryl Adam
Pine Top Mountain 10:30 Read by Cheryl Adam
Over the Barbed Wire 12:06 Read by Cheryl Adam
Penny Trespasses 9:59 Read by Cheryl Adam
The Green Door 10:23 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Coded Message 12:02 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Call for Help 9:42 Read by Cheryl Adam
Locked in the Cabin 12:22 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Newspaper Mystery 10:35 Read by Cheryl Adam
The Green Card 9:57 Read by Cheryl Adam
An Unkind Trick 12:37 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Broken Rod 10:26 Read by Cheryl Adam
In the Tool House 7:39 Read by Cheryl Adam
A Puzzling Solution 11:32 Read by Cheryl Adam
Strange Sounds 11:11 Read by Cheryl Adam
Questions and Clues 8:12 Read by Cheryl Adam
Peter Jasko Serves Notice 13:22 Read by Cheryl Adam
Visitors 13:57 Read by Cheryl Adam
The Secret Stairs 11:35 Read by Cheryl Adam
Old Peter's Disappearance 9:23 Read by Cheryl Adam
Rescue 10:19 Read by Cheryl Adam
Henri's Salon 12:08 Read by Cheryl Adam
Scoop! 7:12 Read by Cheryl Adam



(5 stars)

A highly entertaining story in the same vein as Nancy Drew. In fact, this author also penned the first Nancy Drew tales (which have always been written by various people under the same pen name). Good fun abounds in this tale. The reader is also very good. Her voice for Penny Parker is quite juvenile, especially in the opening chapters, but stick with the story and you'll hear Penny's voice even out over time.

Fun family read

(5 stars)

Great reader. A fun story and suitable for listening to even with my family in the car but still enough to keep me entertained. Not really a whodunnit, more of a how do I prove it.

(4 stars)

Excellent book! It starts somewhat slowly, but you soon find yourself caught up in the mystery. The reader does a good job conveying emotion and character, though I wish she had chosen a different “voice” for Penny.

Just as good on the second listen

(5 stars)

I so enjoyed this when I first listened to it a year or two ago, and it's just as enjoyable the second time around. Excellent reader.

fun adventure

(5 stars)

just as description says it is a more adventurious girl detective than Nancy Drew. Enjoy with an excellent reader

I like it

(5 stars)

Very good reader, attractive story, action rhythm is kept high from the beginning to the end.

Great performance!

(5 stars)

This is top notch voice acting- she'll be up there with George Guidall if she keeps at it. As for the two-star review - c'mon! You listened to two chapters??? Unless someone listens to (or reads) an entire book, they have no right to write a review. A right to an opinion, yes, but not to posting a review, esp. one that seems awfully snarky and personal.


(5 stars)

A fine reading by a great voice. I can't agree she is hard to take, but each to his own. The story seems for young readers, but if given a chance, it appeals to adults too. Clever plotting makes this tale one of the best of the Parker novels. It is worth your time.