A Child's Book Of The Seasons

Read by David Wales

(4.7 stars; 3 reviews)

This book is part of the author’s "Nature Books For Children" series (three books), which is probably the best indication of its target audience and subject matter. The book is fun and charming, even for adults. Arthur Michell Ransome was an English author and journalist who had a reputation as one of the best English writers of children's books. “When we think of sowing seeds we think of Spring with the new corn green on the red ground, and when we think of Spring we think of Summer, when it is tall and wavy in the wind, and when we think of Summer we think of Autumn when the corn is golden and cut, and then, why, then we come to Winter again.” - Author's quote and david wales (1 hr 12 min)


Spring 17:30 Read by David Wales
Summer 20:09 Read by David Wales
Autumn 17:46 Read by David Wales
Winter 16:44 Read by David Wales