Medea (Way Translation)

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Medea is an ancient Greek tragedy written by Euripides, based upon the myth of Jason and Medea and first produced in 431 BCE. The plot centers on the actions of Medea, a barbarian and the wife of Jason; she finds her position in the Greek world threatened as Jason leaves her for a Greek princess of Corinth. Medea takes vengeance on Jason by killing Jason's new wife as well as her own children with him, after which she escapes to Athens to start a new life. Considered shocking to the playwright's contemporaries, Medea and the suite of plays that it accompanied in the City Dionysia festival came last in the festival that year. Nonetheless the play remained part of the tragedic repertoire, and experienced renewed interest with the emergence of the feminist movement, because of its nuanced and sympathetic portrayal of Medea's struggle to take charge of her own life in a male-dominated world. The play has remained the most frequently performed Greek tragedy through the 20th century. - Summary by Wikipedia (edited by Expatriate) (1 hr 26 min)


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(4 stars)

Thank you, Expatriate, for this and other classic Greek audiobooks you’ve created. I prefer this reading from those with multiple readers. Enunciation is clear. Audio is great - no background noise or echo. Emphasizes rhyme and meter without overdoing it. Each new speaker is introduced, so easier for me to follow along.

Narrator Is Eugh

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Sorry dude sounds like Squillam Fancy son