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University of Oxford Podcasts


The Seven Wonders of Galaxy Zoo 15:04 Read by Becky Smethurst
Astronomy at the Highest Energies Possible 9:53 Read by Stephen Rayner
Spectromania! 10:12 Read by James Gilbert
How to see the world in a grain of sand 9:19 Read by Peter Hatfield
The Beagle expedition to Mars 13:47 Read by Chris Lintott
The Philae / Rosetta Mission - Update 17:41 Read by Colin Wilson
From you to the largest structure in the Universe 14:03 Read by Robert Simpson
Gloomy Worlds: Why are planets cloudy? 16:11 Read by Jo Barstow
The Philae / Rosetta Comet Mission 17:42 Read by Colin Wilson
The SKA 13:10 Read by Matt Jarvis
Is our galaxy special? 11:45 Read by Chris Lintott
Galaxy Zoo 9:40 Read by Becky Smethurst
Zooniverse: Live 18:42 Read by Becky Smethurst and Grant Miller
Atmospheres in the solar system ... and beyond! 14:15 Read by Jo Barstow
Spin Doctors: Creating a planet's atmosphere in the lab 13:56 Read by Roland Young
Ancient Astronomies - 7000 years in the Kennett Valley 17:51 Read by Charles Barclay
Colonisation of Mars - the Great Debate 13:55 Read by Chris Lintott and Colin Wilson
Dark Matter - Are we still in the dark? 11:13 Read by Kathryn Boast
Inflation - The "BANG" in Big Bang 9:44 Read by Luke Jew
Earth-like Planets (and where to find them) 11:33 Read by Ruth Angus
Exoplanets 10:42 Read by Grant Miller
Are we special in the Universe? 8:42 Read by Peter Hatfield
Black Holes 12:40 Read by Brooke Simmons
Astrophotography 15:03 Read by Mel Gigg
Cosmology - What We Don't Know 11:00 Read by Chris Lintott
Galaxy Zoo 9:04 Read by Rebecca Smethurst
Extra-solar planets: from science-fiction to reality 11:08 Read by Ruth Angus
Uncovering Black Holes and Hunting for Planets 45:43 Read by Brooke Simmons
The Chelyabinsk Meteor 14:08 Read by Ken Amor
Stepping into the unknown: the search for new planets 13:42 Read by Suzanne Aigrain
A History of the Universe in 12 Minutes 17:19 Read by Chris Lintott
LOFAR and the SKA - The Universe in radio waves 20:40 Read by Matt Jarvis
Killer asteroids 13:18 Read by Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Pluto - no more a planet 11:05 Read by Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Astro Photography 16:55 Read by Mel Gigg
Galaxies as a Plate of Fruit 9:30 Read by Roger Davies
Observing with the Naked Eye 14:50 Read by Charles Barclay
Stargazing Open Day 2013 2:30 Read by Leigh Fletcher and Chris Lintott
Large Meteorite Impacts on Earth 12:16 Read by Ken Amor
Cosmology 12:24 Read by Jo Dunkley
Robotic Planetary Exploration 15:34 Read by Leigh Fletcher
Planets, Planets Everywhere! 12:57 Read by Chris Lintott