Religious Epistemology, Contextualism, and Pragmatic Encroachment

University of Oxford Podcasts


Skeptical Theism and the Future 1:17:40 Read by Cameron Domenico Kirk-Giannini
Foundations for an Accuracy-based Approach to Imprecise Credence 1:30:30 Read by Jason Konek and Billy Dunaway
Divine Indifference, or Whatever 1:19:32 Read by Jonathan Weisberg
Against the Orthodoxy: Rethinking Epistemic Reasons and Pascal's Wager 1:23:05 Read by Rima Basu
Salvaging Pascal's Wager 1:22:01 Read by Liz Jackson
Updating on Evil 1:33:34 Read by Roger White
Epistemic Intuitions and Defeaters for Noninferential Religious Belief 1:28:23 Read by Michael Bergmann
Defeaters, Proper Functioning, and the Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism 1:20:34 Read by Edward Wierenga
Fundamental Disagreements and Defeat 1:22:06 Read by John Pittard
(Undercutting) Epistemic Defeat and the 'Conciliatory' Road to Agnosticism 1:30:55 Read by J Adam Carter
Defeat, Testimony, and Miracles 1:17:51 Read by Charitt Anderson
Religious Belief and the Epistemology of Testimony 1:33:14 Read by Jennifer Lackey
Epistemic Trust in Oneself and Others – An Argument from Analogy 1:29:08 Read by Lizzie Fricker and Mikkel Gerken
Limits on Religious Testimony: Lessons on Morality 1:25:58 Read by Laura Callahan and Peter Graham
Can Anti-Reductionism in the Epistemology of Testimony aid the case of Justified… 1:17:48 Read by Sandford Goldberg and John Hawthorne
Understanding and Knowing by Testimony 1:23:19 Read by Paulina Sliwa and Alison Hills
An internalist, evidentialist, foundationalist, reductionist, egoist and otherwi… 1:28:32 Read by Trent Dougherty
Those Unwise People Still Dwelling in Their Senses’: Religious Speech, Moral Tes… 1:22:16 Read by Rachel Fraser and Max Baker-Hytch
The inevitable implausibility of physical determinism 52:19 Read by Richard Swinburne
What is faith? 1:50:34 Read by Dan Howard-Snyder
Safe Disbelief 1:35:36 Read by Julien Dutant, Yoaav Isaacs and Charity Anderson
Are We Luminous? 1:30:39 Read by Amia Srinivasan, Clayton Littlejohn and Matthew Benton
Knowledge and Safety 1:38:07 Read by Duncan Pritchard and Declan Smithies
When does Data Count as Evidence? Reflections on CORNEA, Safety and Sensitivity 1:23:27 Read by Patrick Bondy, Sara Kier Praëm and Emil Moeller
Knowledge by Way of Prophecy 49:43 Read by Dani Rabinowitz, Rachel Fraser and Daniel Berntson
Safety, Simplicity and Abduction. 1:31:07 Read by Tim Williamson and Jeffrey Russell
On Two Ultimately Unsuccessful Objections to Pragmatic Encroachment 1:33:21 Read by Jeremy Fantl and Matthew McGrath
Wagering on Pragmatic Encroachment 1:28:34 Read by Tim Pickavance and Daniel Eaton
A Contextualist Look at Skeptical Theism 1:29:17 Read by Stephen Ogden
Knowledge, Practical Adequacy, and Stakes 1:31:53 Read by Charity Anderson and John Hawthorne
Pragmatic Encroachment and the Nature of Faith 1:30:36 Read by Michael Pace
Pragmatic Encroachment and Religious Knowledge 1:29:35 Read by Matthew Benton