Oxford Human Rights Hub Seminars

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Human Rights After the Election: A Near Miss or Apocalypse Now? 35:15 Read by Adam Wagner
The 30th Anniversary of Canadian Equality Rights: W(h)ither Sex Equality? 47:22 Read by Donna Greschner
Is a Business and Human Rights Treaty Necessary? 38:05 Read by David Bilchitz
Human Rights and Personal Identity 35:10 Read by Jill Marshall
Accounting for Rights in EU Counter-Terrorism 47:49 Read by Fiona de Londras
The End of Settler Societies and Why it Changes Immigration 1:16:09 Read by Catherine Dauvergne
The Challenge of Adjudicating Social Democratic Values in a Capitalist Society 1:08:16 Read by Dhaya Pillay
Behind Marx's "hidden abode": toward an expanded conception of capitalism 1:28:40 Read by Nancy Fraser
Child Soldiers - Protected beyond Gender? An International Criminal Law Perspect… 47:57 Read by Patricia Sellers
Drone Attacks: Promotion and Protection of Human Hights and Fundamental Freedoms… 1:22:48 Read by Ben Emmerson
Stigma and exclusion to rights and dignity: a human rights approach to poverty 1:23:07 Read by Magdalena Sepúlveda Carmona
South Africa's Constitutional Court: Battling populist political pressure 1:17:18 Read by Hugh Corder
Responses to collective religious hatred: Elements of a human rights-based copin… 1:35:30 Read by Heiner Bielefeldt
Religion, Equality and Discrimination 1:20:20 Read by Aileen McColgan
Placing Filipino Caregivers in Canadian Homes: Regulating Transnational Employme… 1:18:20 Read by Judy Fudge
Interpreting Human Rights in New Zealand and the UK: Expansive but Narrow, Narro… 1:10:46 Read by Kris Gledhill
An Agenda for the Prevention of Human Trafficking: Non-Discrimination and Empowe… 42:12 Read by Maria Grazia Giammarinaro
Implications of America's Desegregation Landmark in the World 1:25:45 Read by Martha Minnow
Taking Direct Discrimination Cases out of the Straightjacket of Crude Comparator… 1:16:21 Read by Kevin Bell
The European Court of Justice's treatment of the EU Charter of Fundamental Right… 1:21:55 Read by Gráinne De Búrca


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