Modern Languages

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University of Oxford Podcasts


Studying Medieval and Modern Languages at St Hilda's College 5:09 Read by Helen Swift and Lucia Nixon
Freemasons versus Jesuits: Conspiracy Theories in Enlightenment Germany 41:28 Read by Ritchie Robertson
Cristian Aliaga: Your Virtues Are Your Faults. Poetry Reading (Spanish and Engli… 35:10 Read by Cristian Aliaga and Ben Bollig
Reflections on the European Crisis 34:38 Read by José Cutileiro
Round table discussion of Clarice Lispector (Brazilian-Portugese) 34:37 Read by Nicole Algranti, Teresa Montero Ferreira and Claire Williams
Men Defending Women in Late Medieval France 26:20 Read by Helen Swift and Landon Newby