Public International Law Discussion Group

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The Crime of Aggression 41:17 Read by Don Ferencz
Reflections on Four Decades of International Action against Torture 42:50 Read by Nigel Rodley
Protecting Schools in Conflict: Developing International Guidelines 46:28 Read by Stephen Haines
Causation in the Law of State Responsibility 35:39 Read by Ilias Plakokefalos
Controlling International Organizations: Between Function and Virtue? 41:58 Read by Jan Klabbers
Arbitrary Detention in International Law 48:30 Read by Mads Andenas
'A problem of interpretation': The ICJ's approach to the constituent instruments… 43:08 Read by Peter Quayle
The UN's obligation to investigate disappearances and killings in Kosovo: the wo… 41:45 Read by Christine Chinkin
Rule of Law at the international level - still relevant? 40:41 Read by Patricia O'Brien
Independence referendums and putative citizenship - the Scottish referendum in a… 40:56 Read by Ruvi Ziegler
Whose Convention is it anyway? Addressing the facts and myths around the Human R… 23:54 Read by Kirsty Brimelow
The International Court of Justice's Approach to Injuries Suffered by Individual… 44:24 Read by Giorgio Gaja
The effect of investment treaty arbitration on WTO dispute settlement: Tobacco p… 47:25 Read by Anastasios Gourgourinis
Lecture III: Law in Globalization 53:59 Read by Harold Koh
Lecture II: Law of Globalization 1:03:56 Read by Harold Koh
Are Arbitrators Political? 30:39 Read by Michael Waibel
Whaling: the Gordian knot of animal rights and cultural diversity 42:36 Read by Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Trashed, or treasured? Which will be the fate of international dispute resolutio… 48:12 Read by Charles N Brower
Culture Clashes in International Criminal Law 40:12 Read by E van Sliedregt
Do Dead Civilians have Human Rights? International Legal Obligations towards Civ… 37:17 Read by S Breau
International Law and the Emergence of Mercantile Capitalism: Grotius to Smith 48:29 Read by M Koskenniemi
International law and foreign policy: some practical questions 32:30 Read by Qudsi Rasheed
What is an International Crime? 33:15 Read by Kevin Heller
The Contemporary Significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 51:35 Read by William Schabas
Business and Human Rights: Voluntary Expectations or Legal Obligations? 46:41 Read by Robert McCorquodale
Factors that Explain Integration and Fragmentation Among International Courts 39:11 Read by Philippa Webb
The Concept of Public Body in the Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Meas… 29:53 Read by Greg Messenger
Eirik Bjorge on France's burqa ban 1:17 Read by Eirik Bjorge
Communicative Justice and International Criminal Law: Re-thinking the Rationale … 29:51 Read by D Guilfoyle
The Security Council in Global Public Law: the Case for the International Ombuds… 32:58 Read by Devika Hovell
Sovereignty in Foreign Investment Law 27:22 Read by J ViƱuales
Democratic Statehood in International Law 44:30 Read by Jure Vidmar
International Law in the Long 1990s: Notes Towards an Investigation 58:19 Read by Akbar Rasulov
Reducing Genocide to Law: Definition, Meaning, and the Ultimate Crime 46:20 Read by Payam Akhavan
Neither Common or Civil: Principles of Liability in International Criminal Law 26:26 Read by Robert Cryer
Transnational Organized Crime at Sea 1:05:08 Read by Efthymios Papastavridis
The Investment Treaty System as Judicial Review: Some Remarks on its Nature, Sco… 37:21 Read by Federico Ortino
The relations between jus ad bellum and jus in bello: independence versus confla… 46:43 Read by Vaios Koutroulis
Immunities and Extradition: The Curious Case of Khurts Bat 46:12 Read by Roger O'Keefe
Is the Rome Statute Binding on Individuals? 35:33 Read by Marko Milanovic
The Independence of Scotland 35:16 Read by James Crawford
Are investments still protected under Intra-EU BITs? 50:37 Read by David Reed
Mr. Salomon and M. Diallo: Personality and Protection in International Law 39:53 Read by Hugh Thirlway


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