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University of Oxford Podcasts


Human Cancer Genetics 5:12 Read by Gareth Bond
Personalised Medicine 4:09 Read by Jenny Taylor
Cancer predisposition and evolution 3:45 Read by Ian Tomlinson
Cancer Informatics 6:01 Read by Benjamin Schuster-Böckler
Stem cells and cancer 5:18:00 Read by Simon Leedham
Cancer and innate immunity 5:57:00 Read by Mads Gryd-Hansen
Palliative Care 5:02 Read by Bee Wee
Cancer and regenerative medicine 4:19 Read by Xin Lu
Cancer and Protein Crystallography 5:48 Read by Yvonne Jones
Cancer Metabolism 4:03 Read by Patrick Pollard
INDOX Cancer Research NetworK 3:56 Read by Raghib Ali
Renal Disease 7:01 Read by Chris Pugh
Autophagy 5:26 Read by Katja Simon
Genome Integrity 6:25 Read by Opher Gileadi
Role of Lifestyle and Diet in Cancer 4:31 Read by Tim Key
Cancer Immunlogy 7:33 Read by Vincenzo Cerundolo



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some ppl have an accent that requires patients and good listening since englisch isnt my mothertongue