Humanities at the Department for Continuing Education

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Spiders, yes, but why cats? 1:08:38 Read by Iain McGilchrist
Was Schubert a musical brain? 48:29 Read by Raymond Tallis
Am I my mind? 1:03:34 Read by Iain McGilchrist
Am I my brain? 49:33 Read by Raymond Tallis
The Truth about Art 3 - Aesthetics 57:38 Read by Patrick Doorly
The Truth about Art 1 - Mystery or Mastery 1:07:08 Read by Patrick Doorly
Learning and Work in Medieval England 1:05:36 Read by Elizabeth Gemmill
Talking to Camera 1:18 Read by Paul Heiney
John Milton: poet, pamphleteer and patriot 52:11 Read by Anna Beer
If I were you, I wouldn't start from here: understanding Oxford through its past 1:02:30 Read by Chris Day