Poetry Slam

(3.8 stars; 9 reviews)

University of Oxford Podcasts


Poetry Slam: Judges Verdicts 10:33 Read by Steve Larkin, Heidi Vaughan and Bernard O'Donoghue
Your Parents' Careers 0:38 Read by Robert Rapoport
Untwining 1:40 Read by Antonia Tam
One Thing Leads to Another 0:43 Read by Dan Stott
Michelangelo 3:00 Read by Jesse Bordwin
Letter from a Predator 1:26 Read by Thomas John Stevenson
Instant Symphony Mix 1:20 Read by Aisha Mirza
Poetic Phonetics 1:54 Read by Christopher Peter Joseph Turner
Dia de los Muertos 1:13 Read by Thomas John Stevenson
A System of Education 1:53 Read by Christopher Peter Joseph Turner
Take a Rectangle 1:49 Read by Sophie Duker


How can a judge speak like this

(1 stars)

well aaah I think aaahh the voice aahhh was ahhh lovely aaahh the aahh the accent ahh was ahh aahh ahh authentic ahhh...... who is this ridiculous speaker. very hard to listen to him judging other speakers.


(5 stars)

Perhaps one of the better collections I've listened to. Very raw and full of potential. Perfect in its own regard. I didn't care to listen to the judges, only the poetry.