Engage: Social Media Talks

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Lunchtime talks delivered during the social media term at Oxford University covering a wide variety of social media topics.


Blogging and Twitter 45:37 Read by Elizabeth Eva Leach
Social Media and your Career 48:28 Read by Lucy Hawkins
Copyright in the Digital Age 42:32 Read by Emily Goodhand
Rethinking impact with social media 29:52 Read by Nando Sigona
Which technologies do Oxford University students use? 48:05 Read by Melissa Highton
Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it? 43:21 Read by Melissa Terras
Some people visit the Web. Other people live there. 49:14 Read by David White
Would you blog the truth? 51:33 Read by Peter Gill
What does Marcus du Sautoy do with Social Media? 56:11 Read by Marcus du Sautoy